Monthly Archives: August 2020

116: Martha Alderson – Overcoming Doubt and Creative Blocks

A Journey Through Boundless Creativity Martha Alderson is the best-selling author of The Plot Whisperer. She writes novels for readers, plot books for writers, and posts for anyone looking to enrich their lives with more creativity and inspiration.  Today, she talks about her book, Boundless Creativity, which takes readers on a spiritual journey where they […]

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114: Jane Egerton-Idehen – Be Fearless

Give Yourself Permission To Be You Jane Egerton-Idehen is a telecommunications executive with over 17 years of experience in the Nigerian, Liberian, and Ghanaian telecommunications market. Her passion is seeing women fulfill their purpose and growing their careers. She is passionate about promoting girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). 

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113: Lisa Linfield – Deep Grooves

Finding The Real Reasons You Are Stuck In Life Lisa Linfield is a Wealth Manager, sought after Keynote Speaker, Podcast Host of Working Women’s Wealth and Course Creator that partners with women around the world to change their mindset and help them make money, invest it, and protect it from life’s unexpected turns.

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