Monthly Archives: June 2021

160: “The End of Jobs” with Jeff Wald

What Will Work Look Like in the Year 2040? “The five most dangerous words in business are ‘this time it is different.’ Almost always, it is not different.” – Jeff Wald Admittedly, Jeff Wald harbored an ulterior motive when he dedicated $10 million of his own money to the Future of Work Prize. Modeled after […]

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158: “Suck It Up, Princess” with Natalie Sisson

Lessons from a Serial Entrepreneur in Business, Love, and Life “And so for me, it’s very important to have a beautiful balance, and space and time, and just enjoy life.” – Natalie Sisson  A year ago, tears ran down Natalie Sisson’s face as she walked her dogs in the rain. She was stuck in an […]

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157: “Finding Your Swagger” with Leslie Ehm

Owning Your Uniqueness to Write Your Book “It’s a small little idea that you found that everyone had stepped over again and again, but you picked up and had a wonder.” – Azul Terronez If you live uniquely and authentically, you may find that, one day, you don’t fit into other people’s boxes of who […]

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156: “Are You About to Be Canceled?”with Molly McPherson

How to Build an Indestructible Online Brand “I’m here learning and I made this mistake and I’m taking full accountability for it. People can accept that. What they can’t accept is you deflecting, denying, and putting it on other people.” – Azul Terronez In Molly McPherson’s new book, “Indestructible: Reclaim Control and Respond with Confidence […]

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