115: Lora Cheadle – Fall in Love with Your Smart, Sexy, Spiritual Self

Trust in Your Truth

Lora Cheadle is a transformational thought leader and media personality who empowers women to let go of judgment, overcome the need to please, express themselves fully, and find uninhibited success and joy every day. 

Named an Exceptional Woman of Excellence by the Women Economic Forum, Lora is beloved for her ability to cut through the confusion and catalyze lasting change in a playful manner. 

Laura is the host of the top-rated radio show, FLAUNT! Build Your Dreams, Live Your Sparkle, where she provides women with the tools, skills, and insights to create and meet their own standards, choreographing their life – their way. 

She is the author of the bestselling book FLAUNT! Drop Your Cover and Reveal Your Smart, Sexy, & Spiritual Self. Using the five steps of FLAUNT!, she encourages others to take the lead in the dance of life despite any external circumstances. 

What We Discuss with Lora Cheadle:

  • Lora’s professional journey and finding that call to look within
  • The notion of naked self-worth and what burlesque dance taught her
  • The FLAUNT! method
  • The shimmering glitter that distracts us and how it manifests in people
  • How to break your limiting self-beliefs
  • Understanding the process of hypnosis and practices to develop self-awareness
  • The story of Eliza
  • Uncovering your fetish
  • Lora’s book writing process

[01:49] A Calling to Start Looking Within

The book is Lora’s journey to drop all of that extraneous stuff and external validation. She had to look within and find out who she was, exclusive of her labels, her rules, scripts, her expectations, and even her beliefs. It was an opportunity for her to allow the essence of who she was to start becoming.

[05:00] Having a Naked Self-Worth

During her law practice, Lora won her first case for her client. But the judge ignored her ability to outmaneuver the male attorney. Instead, he criticized Lora for the way she looked and dressed. Lora wanted the judge to validate her because she wanted that external validation. And she didn’t give it to herself. 

Naked self-worth is the ability to value yourself for who you are, instead of what others perceive you who or think you should be.

She sent herself to a shame spiral, questioning what’s wrong with her. Have she had naked self-worth at that time, she could have separated the judge and his perception of her with her own perception and knowledge. She could have validated herself for it.

[10:42] What Burlesque Dance Taught Her

Realizing her life isn’t juicy and thrilling, Lora starting thinking about going back to dance. Lora saw how burlesque was actually about stripping down and shedding of the emotional layers, not just the physical layers. 

Our clothing signifies who we are and our role. Oftentimes, it’s our value, a power suit. Burlesque teaches us that you can be more than what your roles are. 

Burlesque uses clothing as a symbolic metaphor for power, your shame, cover, or mask. It’s your enhancement. Then as you take it off, you are removing those layers on an emotional level by revealing your heart and your essence underneath. 

[15:38] The FLAUNT! Methodology

Instead of having an identity around our qualities, and about who we really are inside, we get confused. 

We own these identities of being a mother, a father, a child, a teacher, a writer, or whatever. But everything in life is transitory. Those roles will shift. 

At some point, somebody will die. You will lose your job. Your kids will move out of the house. That’s why midlife crises happen because when we’re confronted with a diagnosis, a divorce, a job loss, or the death of friends or families, we don’t know who we are anymore.

Unless you know who you are –  naked underneath all of those layers –  you really don’t have anything to hold on to. 

The FLAUNT! methodology is designed to teach what naked self-worth is all about. Of course, you can play these roles and embody all these different things.

But unless you know who you are inside, you will constantly find yourself rocked by the world. You will find yourself taken down and completely undone by somebody else’s judgment of you by a job loss or whatever. And it’s difficult if your identity has been based on those things. 

[21:17] The Shimmering Glitter that Distracts Us and How It Manifests in People

The distraction of the glitter is when you’re blaming your unhappiness on your company, your co-workers, your spouse, or whatever it is. Because of this, you fail to wonder about which pieces of you are in pain right now, which pieces of you are not being heard, and which parts of you are you suppressing your true light. 

Spend time to be alone and quiet and look within without being distracted.

Most of it is because of programming. Allow yourself to get curious to know that there’s nothing right or wrong about it. Just start challenging yourself a little bit with some questions. Where did that belief come from? Is this true for you? Challenge yourself. 

[32:02] Practices to Develop Self-Awareness

Practice gratitude. Shift your focus to positive things in life and start by practicing gratitude every single morning. Then catch your thoughts throughout the day. If you notice you’re thinking about negative things or complaints, shift them into positive thoughts. 

Set an intention every day to notice beauty, kindness, and joy. 

When you focus on gratitude, the brain is more at peace and it can be in the present moment.

[41:19] Uncovering Your Fetish

It’s a natural state for all of us to be connected to that creativity, passion, and energy. And when we can find our fetish as an adult, that just means we have found that magical place of play, artistry, passion, and creativity, and it makes everything better. It makes our relationships better and we’re more successful at work. We become happier in our bodies, and in our minds, and in our hearts. 

Nobody can have imposter syndrome and be depressed and miserable and down if they know what their fetish is and they allow themselves to play.

[45:24] Lora’s Writing Process

It took about 10 years for Lora to write the book because she wasn’t serious about it. Finally, when she got focused, she would write whatever felt like it needed to come out at that moment. 

Lora would discipline herself to write at night. But she would also allow herself to write whatever was just oozing out of her soul at the moment. Doing this keeps her from a writer’s block. This process of writing was cathartic and healing for her.

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Lora Cheadle’s book: FLAUNT! Drop Your Cover and Reveal Your Smart, Sexy, & Spiritual Self

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115: Lora Cheadle – Fall in Love with Your Smart, Sexy, Spiritual Self115: Lora Cheadle – Fall in Love with Your Smart, Sexy, Spiritual Self