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147: It’s Never Too Late to Write a Book with Rob Brown

How To Create “Truest” Fans “I think the energy spreads. And I think that this book gives me an opportunity to really create a movement around the idea of, ‘Let’s all be truest fans.’” – Rob Brown Rob Brown is an author, a top-producing advisor in the financial services industry, a business coach and, last […]

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145: How Do I Know How to Start My Book?

Azul Answers Questions From Listeners “It doesn’t really matter if you have a good book idea if it doesn’t get written.” – Azul Terronez When it comes to writing a book, one of the most important things you need is clarity. Maybe you have several ideas, but you don’t know which one to choose first. […]

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139: “What It Takes to Change Your Mission” with Dr. Uchenna Umeh

Write a Book Because You Can “While I agree empathy is good, I’ll tell you, the big brother of empathy is compassion.” – Dr. Uchenna Umeh Having success and achievement in one area doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve found your place in the world. We are all presented with different trajectories in life. You may […]

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138: “Why Is Writing a Book So Hard?” with Jadah Sellner

Does getting a publishing deal make it easier to write a book? “There are no unique messages, only unique messengers.” – Jadah Sellner Writing a book is not about achieving a goal, or even about getting published. It’s about how the book will change you when you make the promise to yourself to actually write […]

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