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158: “Suck It Up, Princess” with Natalie Sisson

Lessons from a Serial Entrepreneur in Business, Love, and Life “And so for me, it’s very important to have a beautiful balance, and space and time, and just enjoy life.” – Natalie Sisson  A year ago, tears ran down Natalie Sisson’s face as she walked her dogs in the rain. She was stuck in an […]

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157: “Finding Your Swagger” with Leslie Ehm

Owning Your Uniqueness to Write Your Book “It’s a small little idea that you found that everyone had stepped over again and again, but you picked up and had a wonder.” – Azul Terronez If you live uniquely and authentically, you may find that, one day, you don’t fit into other people’s boxes of who […]

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156: “Are You About to Be Canceled?”with Molly McPherson

How to Build an Indestructible Online Brand “I’m here learning and I made this mistake and I’m taking full accountability for it. People can accept that. What they can’t accept is you deflecting, denying, and putting it on other people.” – Azul Terronez In Molly McPherson’s new book, “Indestructible: Reclaim Control and Respond with Confidence […]

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155: “How to Market and Launch Your Book” with Azul Terronez

Discover the Best Time to Start Promoting Your Book “Marketing is really about understanding your message and why you’re the unique messenger for this topic.” – Azul Terronez Authors have so many questions about marketing their books — and some even grow to hate marketing before their book is actually finished. That’s where I come […]

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154: Can Writing a Book Bring You Happiness? with Ted Smith

Having the Courage to Write is Like Having the Courage to Live Fully “Not everyone who’s in an unhealthy relationship actually knows they’re in one.” – Azul Terronez After navigating an unhealthy, 15-year relationship, Ted Smith realized he was uniquely qualified to help others through their own romantic challenges. And to reach as many people […]

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152: Writing a Book To Leave a Legacy with Jason Martin

What if My Book Changes When I Start Writing “You can’t perfectly plan the path that you haven’t walked on. You can only look back in reflection.” – Azul Terronez Jason Martin wanted to leave a legacy behind for his family. And after searching for an aligned way to communicate it, he decided to write […]

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149: “Why I Chose to Self-Publish” with Mark Herschberg

What Publishing Path is Right for You? “As content creators, we need to take our content and make it available and accessible when, where, and how our audience wants to receive it.” – Mark Herschberg As Mark Herschberg first started writing his book, “The Career Toolkit: Essential Skills for Success That No One Taught You,” […]

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