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Write, Publish, and Market Your Book with Confidence

You already know you want to write your book and grow as a leader. The only question to answer now is how do you want to get there and who do you want to guide you?

Author Apprentice


This is the perfect place for you to be inspired to start learning how to write, publish and launch your book. Don’t get stuck with a book idea in your head. Join today and start now!

Sound like you?

  • You want to be a part of a community of genuine people who are writing, publishing and launching books.
  • You value meaningful connections and personal growth.
  • You’re ready to explore resources to begin your writing journey.
  • You’re interested in attending monthly workshops and connection calls with other members.
  • You value your time and you’re looking for an affordable option to gain clarity and confidence about your book.

Dedicated Author


You’re here because you know it’s time to write your book and the only thing holding you back is having someone to guide you through the process of writing, publishing and launching your book.

Sound like you?

  • You are a self-starter and like to go at your own pace whether fast or slow. 
  • You have committed to finishing your book this year.
  • You like to be in creative control of your book and message.
  • You are coachable and like to learn.
  • You have a goal in mind and having a bestselling book is part of it.

Mentored Author


Are you ready to make a huge impact with your book? Follow in the footsteps of bestselling authors such as Pat Flynn – founder of Smart Passive Income and author of Wall Street Journal bestseller, Will It Fly?

Sound like you?

  • You want premium service, one-on-one support and a cohort of established leaders like you.
  • You want a trusted coach in your corner to give you confidence and honest feedback.
  • You are committed to a unique message that aligns with your mission, represents you well and serves your community.
  • You want a high quality book this year and you don’t have time to do it by yourself.
  • You want to build your authority, brand and influence and you know a book is the way to do it.


I waited 24 years to write my bestselling book. I wish I had done it sooner as it made all the difference in my business and life. It helped me to land a TEDx talk with over 3.5 million views, become a Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller and create a lifestyle and business that I love.  Don’t wait any longer, your book and message matter. Start today!

What's Inside AWL Community...

  • A private online platform to easily access resources, interact and get answers
  • Live virtual events including Q&As and work sessions
  • Connections to help you grow your network
  • Direct access to one of the world’s leading book coaches and authors
  • Workshops on book marketing, writing, and publishing
  • Behind-the-scenes publicity tips for getting featured on podcasts and other media
  • Author Power Hour—an online writing accountability group
  • Full access to the Authors Who Lead Summit

Now is the time to write your book - Don’t Go at It Alone

Being an author can be lonely and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be.
Having the right guidance is the key to success. You don’t have to figure it out on your own and spend weeks, months, or even years trying to make it happen. This is your year to make it happen. 

Why Join?

When you are a part of the Authors Who Lead Community, you will have the confidence and clarity you need to write, publish, and market your book with ease. You’ll be welcomed into a community of like-minded purpose-driven leaders to help support you and hold you accountable along the way. 

You’ll also have direct access to Azul, a world-renowned book coach, Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author, and TEDx speaker. He and the team at Authors Who Lead have guided hundreds of leaders like you to write, publish, and market their books.

Our Commitment to Each Other

We are committed to growing together and value the contribution of everyone’s unique voice. We respect, support, and care about each other’s success. You are a valued member of the community and each person is just as important as the whole. We are committed to your writing success just like those who have come before you

A Sneak Peak Inside The Community

As a member the community, it’s simple to keep track of what is happening with the LIVE events calendar, resources, connections, etc. Everything has been curated and organized with you in mind.  


Your membership includes FREE access to live workshops like these:

As part of the Authors Who Lead Community, you’ll have access to live workshops, author resources, and recorded content valued at over $3,800. Your membership includes all of this and more at no additional cost. 

Book Camp Live


AWL Summit


Author Power Hour


Marketing Camp

Marketing your book

Motivated Members Wanted

It’s a match if you . . .

It’s not a match if you . . .

Membership and Program Features & Pricing


Author Apprentice

Online Membership Program
$ 90 90 days for $90
  • Access to a private online community of leaders, authors and experts
  • Attend monthly Q&A sessions with the founders of Authors Who Lead
  • Author Power Hour - online group writing sessions with accountability
  • Custom online workshops on highly requested content
  • Author Summit Talks - 35+ masterclasses and advanced training sessions with world-class experts
  • Peer-to-peer messaging with other members
  • Resources to start and maintain momentum

Dedicated Author

Guided Pathways with Expert Instruction
$ 149 a month when paid annually
  • Includes EVERYTHING in Author Apprentice plus the following:
  • Proven guided course pathways to write your book, publish, and launch your book!
  • Dedicated expert-led coaching in your corner so that you make progress and finish
  • Weekly Q&A calls with an author success coach (Starting April 2024)
  • Access to industry experts for real-time feedback so that you do it right
  • A method to write your book with ease and gain the confidence you need to succeed even if you aren’t a writer
  • Get all the support and resources you need to publish your book on Amazon
  • All the steps are laid out for you so that publishing your book is easy and straightforward
  • Strategies to get 5-star reviews for your book

Mentored Author

Premium Group Book Coaching
$ 2100 per month for 4-months
  • Premium small group coaching cohort of leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Individualized coaching and feedback during exclusive calls with your author success coach
  • Weekly one hour private group zoom calls guided by Azul Terronez
  • Proven methodology to write your book with ease and gain the confidence you need to succeed even if you aren't a writer.
  • Direct access to Azul Terronez during private group calls
  • Create a unique message that aligns with your mission, represents you well and serves your community.
  • Crystalize your message into a best selling book so that you attract ideal readers, grow your business and establish more authority.
  • Includes EVERYTHING in Author Apprentice.

What people in our community are saying . . .

Book Writing Community

“The breakouts in the workshop I loved. I loved connecting with the other authors and being able to talk about where we were at in our process. I loved hearing the other stories of those who had published and their process for getting to the final book. I also loved having the guest speakers.” —Della

“Everything was new, and I’ve learned a lot. Since the book camp, I’ve implemented a Facebook page and blog to help people know where I’m at with my book and track my progress.”  —Larry

“Azul’s marketing overview helps to make the process easier. I really appreciate that he teaches us to keep it simple, but effective,
and that you do not need to overwhelm yourself or your audience with tons of content. You need the right content, to the right audience.”  —Margaret


Whether you have ever written a book or not you will find all you need organized in one place, you just need to decide which is the best match for you.

Author Apprentice – This is the perfect choice if you are ready to start writing a book and join a community of like-minded people, explore workshops and other resources to help you along the way.

Dedicated Author – You like to go at your own pace but you don’t like the guesswork or wasting your time. You want a step-by-step method to write, publish and launch your book. You like the freedom to join coaching calls when you need them rather than commit to being part of a cohort with a schedule to maintain.

Mentored Author – You want premium service, one-on-one support and to be part of a cohort of established leaders like you with scheduled calls and milestones to keep you accountable. You’re ready to commit energy and resources to write a successful book.

We selected Circle, an all-in-one community platform, where we come together in engaging discussions, member connections, live streams, chats, and events. It’s organized and easy to navigate with everything in one place.

Author Apprentice & Dedicated Author:
Membership plans are non-refundable during each billing period and cannot be transferred to anyone else.

Mentored Author:
Due to the individualized book coaching, publishing, marketing guidance and the commitment to each cohort the program is non-refundable and cannot be transferred to anyone else.

Please email your questions to info@authorswholead.com


“The day committed to marketing is invaluable. As writers, we often don’t want to even think about this. For me, it feels daunting—too out of my wheelhouse. But you gave us reasons and ways to start sharing ourselves on social platforms that feel natural and authentic. Doing the book camp with other authors, all at different stages of the game, really helps to feel like we’re in this together and can reach out to others when we’re feeling isolated, procrastinating, or needing support. All the members of our book camp group became friends and are now supporting each other on social media. We’ve announced ourselves as authors and stepped into that role.”

—Danét, Workshop Participant

Millions of people try to write a book every year, but only a few ever publish. You could do it on your own and take the risk of not getting it right, or you can join our community of online entrepreneurs, business owners, and other writers like you. The Authors Who Lead Community is the best way to know how to get started, stay focused, and stay accountable to take action and write and publish your book with success.