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We are Azul and Steve

Husbands, business partners, co-founders and lead coaches at Authors Who Lead™


Meet Azul

Hey, I’m Azul. I went from being an unknown school teacher to a bestselling author, but I wasn’t always that confident that I could do it. I didn’t know I was dyslexic until I flunked English when I was at UCLA. That discovery explained why writing and reading were such a struggle and it motivated me.

I went on to graduate with a Master’s degree and became a teacher, an English teacher of course. That path led me to guide hundreds of students to write and become published authors. In 2014, one of my eighth-grade students asked me, “Hey, Mr. Terronez, where’s your book?” That question was a tough one. I hadn’t written my book yet.


I had thought about it for 24 years, but I never sat down to write it. My student’s question really lit a fire for me. I set a bold goal to write my book in 30 days and that was the beginning of my journey to becoming a bestselling author. It also ignited my passion to help other leaders do the same so I left the classroom to pursue it.

I’ve helped hundreds of authors write and publish their books and have become the go-to book coach to influencers like Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income and Jadah Sellner, Co-founder of Simple Green Smoothies.

Writing a book will open up new and incredible opportunities for you, like it did for me. My first book, The Art of Apprenticeship, got the attention of a TEDx organizer who invited me to give a talk in 2016. My TEDx talk, What Makes a Good Teacher Great? has amassed 3.1 million views and I’m getting paid 5-figures to speak internationally. I’ve also recently been recognized as Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author.


Meet Steve

Hey, I’m Steve, I ditched a 6-figure career in health care to become a rideshare driver for $12 an hour because I was burnt out and wanted my message to matter. Taking that action was one of the steps that brought me to become a creative leader and host of Soul and Stories podcast.

As a kid I dreamed of traveling the world, but my traditional work-life consisted of 2-week vacations that left me yearning for a life of adventure.

I wanted the best of both worlds — career and adventure — and, at first, I settled for the career part. From the outside, my life looked great. I was an industrial engineer at the top of my game, managing a huge team and a multimillion-dollar budget for building a new hospital. Still, I longed for something more.

In 2012, I took the leap of faith and gave up my laptop for a backpack. I bought one-way tickets around the world looking for the message inside of me. It reignited my passion and opened me up to the idea of joining forces with Azul to focus on our shared passion, helping leaders.

Applying what I know from creating a learning and development center and building transformational leadership programs I now help authors like you thrive. I went from coaching CEOs in large organizations to helping authors make a movement with their message.

Our Story

And now back to you…

You have a choice. You can either figure out how to write a bestselling book on your own, which could take up a lot of unnecessary time and stress. Or, you can work with proven leaders, like yourself, who know they’re meant for something bigger.

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