What Makes Us Different?

Why Authors Who Lead?

We believe that at the heart of a great book is the author who wants to make an impact in the world. Authors Who Lead see their messages, their books, as the beginning of the conversations that they want to own.

We believe that there are two kinds of books, ones that are transactional and those that are transformational. Our specialty and expertise helps authors go deeper into the transformational aspect of writing and results in powerfully transformational books.

Transactional books simply convey information from the author to their readers and don’t amount to much more than a transfer of knowledge. Whereas a book that transforms the author in some way has the impact to transform its readers.  If it’s not transformative first to the author, how will it impact anyone else? We believe the first person to experience the biggest impact is the author through the course of their book-writing journey.

According to the New York Times, 81 percent of Americans said they have a book in them, but less than a fraction of one percent ever hit the publish button. Why?

Help Write Your Book

Most people think if they have a good idea and an outline they will have what it takes to write a book. They buy courses, read books and research about how to write a book, but miss out by not having a dedicated coach in their corner.

It’s certainly not a lack of information that keeps anyone from becoming a published author.

So, what prevents great leaders who want to write an impactful book from actually getting it done?

It’s not time, nor having a good idea or even knowing how to write. What’s missing is confidence, the right guidance along a proven path, and accountability.

We see writing a book as a creative process and not a checkmark on your to-do list.

We help authors remove blocks and address their fears head-on so they can write their books with confidence and ease..

We help authors leverage their book as their brand and grow their authority by crafting a message that they can stand by, not just put words on a page and hit publish.

We provide a clear path and system for writing with an hour or less per day so that leaders can continue to focus on what matters most, run their companies and devote themselves to family.



Steve’s journey toward a more authentic life began in 2012 when he walked away from a traditional hospital management career to travel the world and immerse himself in new cultures. He removed layers of masks he had hidden behind one-by-one and began embracing his own intuition and creativity to bring his dreams and visions into reality. Steve now helps people who want more out of life, create a vision and make a plan for their new future.

Steve is the host of Soul and Stories, a podcast show featuring conversations with diverse guests who are seeking whole-hearted lives on the journey to live authentically in flow with their higher purpose. Steve is the cofounder of Authors Who Lead™ with his husband and business partner, Azul Terronez.


Originally from California, Azul’s love for travel and discovery led him to purge most of his possessions and create a location independent lifestyle and business with his husband. He is the author of The Art of Apprenticeship which became an Amazon Bestseller. His TEDx has been viewed 1.5 million times. He was the book coach for several best selling authors including Pat Flynn Wall Street Journal bestseller, Dana Malstaff of Boss-Mom and Jadah Sellner, Co-founder of Simple Green Smoothies.

Azul is the host of the Born to Write Podcast and the Co-Founder of Authors Who Lead™.