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  • Don’t really like to write?
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  • Doubt if you can add something new?
  • Confused by the publishing options?
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Pat Flynn

Author of Will It Fly?

Azul was quick to address the mental roadblocks that I was facing, and he gave me specific deadlines which was really helpfull.

Azul isn’t just a writing coach – he’s a teacher and he makes me feel like I have someone in my corner, to help me finish my book”.

Dana Malstaff

Author of – Boss-mom.com

Before I met Azul, I was a Business and Content Strategist who was trying to grow a business and be a parent at the same time. I had direction, but no true driving force. Azul helped me unlock my purpose. I always knew I wanted to write a book, and when I sat down with Azul he helped me figure out what I was meant to write, what I was meant to put out into the world. His mix of support, drive, and experience has helped me not only stay motivated and actually write, but also to create more community in my life. My journey with Azul has been so meaningful, he has helped me so much not only to write, but to find my path, and I am so grateful have found him. He has helped me create something that truly represents a part of me and helped me share it with the world.

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The host of the Smart Passive Income Podcast become the Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author of Will It Fly?