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Publishing Your Book

You want a high-quality, professional book that stands out and attracts your ideal readers.
Our highly experienced editors, designers, and media specialists will take care of all the details to transform your unique perspective and message into a bestselling book that people love and want to share.

There are three ways for you to publish with us...

Book Publishing

Mandala Tree Press

is a reputable, full-service, high-quality publisher where leaders can trust that their books and their message are well-represented. We have a network of distribution outlets and we represent many diverse, bestselling authors.

Book Publishing

Author Imprint

is a premium, self-publishing, done-for-you service, where you can feature your brand or create your own imprint to showcase your book.

Book Publishing

Rockrose Press

is a full-service fiction with purpose publisher. Rockrose represents our authors' creativity and passion to bring forth their unique gifts to the world.

About Steve & Azul

In all of our publishing packages, we take care of all the details from manuscript editing, professional cover design, interior layout, and formatting for paperback, eBook, and hardcover distribution.

Book Publishing
Book Publishing

Azul was quick to address the mental roadblocks that I was facing, and he gave me specific deadlines which was really helpfull.

Azul isn’t just a writing coach – he’s a teacher and he makes me feel like I have someone in my corner, to help me finish my book”.

Pat Flynn

Author of Will It Fly?