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Abby Medcalf on Repurposing Content for Authors


In this episode of Authors Who Lead, I delve deep into the complexities of the writing process and the essential role of boundaries with renowned psychologist and best-selling author Abby Medcalf. Our insightful conversation uncovers Abby’s strategies for setting specific goals, her dynamic framework for book-writing, and the impact of her works on transforming relationships.

Creating a Book-Writing Framework

Abby shares her systematic approach to writing, which starts with constructing a clear framework for her book. By dividing her content into distinct sections and refining her ideas, she’s able to lay down the scaffolding that supports her in her writing journey. Abby’s method underscores the importance of organization and setting achievable targets, a transferable skill that benefits virtually any author embarking on the book-writing voyage.

Understanding and Tailoring Content

When it comes to writing, Abby stresses the importance of truly understanding your audience. Identifying their problems and crafting your content to offer practical, actionable solutions is critical. Abby has successfully used content from her 260 podcast episodes as a foundation for her 25-chapter book, a feat that demonstrates her ability to repurpose existing material in a way that resonates with her readers.

The Significance of Mental Preparation

Before writing, Abby advocates taking a few minutes to meditate and set intentions. Abby and I agree that starting with the right headspace is more crucial than fixating on the output. This practice ensures writers maintain a healthy mindset, fostering a more productive and mindful writing session.

The Role of Personal Boundaries in Writing

We discuss the detrimental effects of not adhering to one’s boundaries. Abby encourages authors to reject the victim mindset and assume responsibility for their emotions and actions. This philosophy extends to her writing schedule, where she dedicates Mondays exclusively to her craft, establishing clear internal boundaries that affirm her commitment to writing.

Aligning Purpose and Audience in Writing

Our conversation veers toward the necessity of clarity in messaging and underscoring the need to attract the right audience. Abby’s books are not just random collections of thoughts; they are carefully structured messages aimed at specific individuals facing particular challenges. The titles and subtitles of her works are specifically chosen to align with this targeted approach, guiding prospective readers straight to her valuable insights.

The Business of Giving and the Impact of Free Content

In an intriguing turn, Abby discusses the success of her past books as bestsellers. Despite offering free content on her podcast, she has managed to sell thousands of copies of her books. Abby and I both support the notion that significant value can be given away without undermining profitability. Strategies like offering free books on Audible and participating in bounty programs exemplify how persistence and dedication to service can build a formidable revenue stream.

Expanding Reach: From Niche Expert to Broad-based Advisor

Abby touches on her evolution from focusing exclusively on romantic relationships to addressing a wider array of issues. This move exhibits her desire to serve a broader audience and the universal appeal of self-help materials. It’s a testament to the scalability of authentic and well-crafted messages in the world of authorship.

Whether you’re an aspiring writer or a seasoned author, Abby Medcalf’s insights are gems worth incorporating into your writing practice. By prioritizing goal-setting, audience understanding, and personal boundaries, you pave the way for creating impactful work that serves your readers and stands the test of time.

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