Breaking Through Resistance | Azul Terronez

Owning Your Identity as an Author to Ignite Your Writing


In this episode of Authors Who Lead, I delve into the concept of resistance in writing. I discuss the challenges that authors face in owning an author’s identity and its impact on the writing process. I share insights on how resistance can hinder the completion and publication of a book, and why aspiring writers must embrace the title of “author” from the very beginning. I also explore the link between creativity, fear, and the human desire for belonging, offering encouragement and practical advice for overcoming resistance.

The Power of Self-Identification

I emphasize the significance of claiming the title of author, stating that “becoming an author is a decision you have to make.” Instead of waiting for external validation, writers are urged to internalize and assert their authorship early in their creative process. This act of self-identification sets the stage for a mindset shift, empowering writers to step into their roles with confidence.

Unleashing Creativity and Overcoming Judgment

This episode dives into the conflict between the “editor brain” and the “creative brain.” The editor’s brain, often rooted in fear and self-doubt, can hinder the flow of creativity. For writers, silencing the inner critic is a pivotal step in embracing the unknown and giving voice to their stories. I draw attention to the freedom found in the unbridled creativity of children, highlighting the need to rekindle this uninhibited approach in our writing pursuits.

Harnessing the Legacy of Storytelling

Beyond the act of writing, I invite writers to recognize the timeless tradition of storytelling embedded in human DNA. Authors are urged to acknowledge their role as custodians of narratives, whether through the spoken word or the written page. By anchoring themselves in this legacy, writers can find the courage to confront resistance and bring their stories to life.

Embracing Resistance as Fuel for Writing

The concept of resistance is reframed as a source of fuel, rather than an obstacle. I illuminate the role of resistance in signaling the emergence of something new, urging writers to lean into discomfort as a sign of growth. By understanding and embracing resistance, writers can channel their energy into their creative endeavors.

Navigating Self-Doubt and Overcoming Past Limitations

Recognizing the impact of past experiences, I acknowledge the lingering impact of negative feedback and academic struggles. By addressing and releasing these past limitations, writers can free themselves from the constraints of self-doubt and pave the way for uninhibited expression in their writing journey.

The Liberation of Unleashing Untold Stories

Maya Angelou’s poignant proclamation, “There’s no greater agony than an untold story inside of you,” serves as a poignant call to action. I reinforce the urgency and significance of bringing untold stories to light, urging writers not to let the fear of judgment or rejection stifle their narratives.

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288: Breaking Through Writer's Block | Azul Terronez288: Breaking Through Writer's Block | Azul Terronez

In this episode of Authors Who Lead, Azul delves into the concept of resistance in writing.