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Reid Thompson’s Advice on Becoming a Fun Author


In this episode of Authors Who Lead, I delve into the intriguing world of Reid Thompson, an entrepreneur and life coach whose embrace of a playful, high-frequency lifestyle has dramatically transformed his creative journey. Reid’s story is a testament to the power of positive energy, conscious luck, and the law of attraction in reshaping our lives and literary endeavors.

The Power of “Yummy” Frequency

Our bodies and minds are tuning forks for the frequencies we want to resonate with, a concept Reid Thompson masters with flair. By deliberately tuning into a “yummy” frequency—his term for the state of being that reflects our happiest, most vibrant selves—Reid has discovered an alternative network for creativity and well-being. Just as we choose the finest wireless network for our devices, Reid encourages aspiring writers to select the frequency that feels most joyous and authentic to them.

Manifesting Luck through Belief Systems

“A belief system is merely a thought you keep thinking.” This idea sticks with us as we talk about conscious luck and the role belief systems play in removing limits to our potential. The importance of belief cannot be overstated, and Reid shares his insight into how changing your mindset can change your reality—whether it’s in a real estate deal or any goal you’re manifesting.

Shifting Frequencies: The Unicorn Frequency

Reid leads us into an imaginative world with his book, The Unicorn Frequency, a title symbolizing the magical shift from scarcity to abundance, from the ordinary to the marvelous. For writers grappling with the common resistance to creativity, Reid and I discuss the importance of switching frequencies to one of play and open receptivity—emulating the mythical creature’s energy to invite wonders into your work and life.

Saying “Yes” to Yourself

A pivotal point in Reid’s journey—and one that listeners can draw immense inspiration from—was learning to decalibrate from external expectations and recalibrate to his own desires. This act of saying “yes” to yourself, as Reid explains, is the daring initiation into a truly authentic life. It is a crucial step for writers who must often brave the unknown and trust their voice amidst a world of criticism and conformity.

Transforming Life and Writing in 12 Months

To accept change is to embrace life’s unexpected gifts. Within a single year, Reid’s playful approach led him to break from the corporate grind, end a long-term relationship, and realize a newfound clarity and path toward self-acceptance. 

He invites listeners to consider how their own year of transformation could unfold if they chose to prioritize fun, authenticity, and a positive mindset. I prompt writers to reflect on how adopting a similar mindset could revolutionize their creative process.

This episode not only serves as an inspiration for aspiring authors but also as a generous guide for anyone seeking to live with more vibrancy. Reid Thompson’s tangible narrative, one that saw a corporate professional reborn as a coach and author alive with “unicorn” energy, galvanizes us to reconsider our own stories. It’s a compelling invitation to align with frequencies of abundance, playfulness, and uninterrupted good feelings, both in writing and in life.

In the end, the message is clear: dare to shift your mental state, tune into the joyous frequencies, and watch as the universe conspires to unlatch the gates to your wildest, most glittering dreams. Whether you’re a writer looking to conquer the blank page or an individual in pursuit of fulfillment, let the “unicorn frequency” lead you to a spectrum of possibilities as you pen the next chapter of your life.

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That’s all for this week. If you have a message inside of you that needs to be written, today is the day to start. Don’t delay—take action.

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