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How to Leverage Others’ Audiences to Increase Book Sales


In the ever-evolving world of book marketing, podcasts have emerged as a crucial platform for authors to share their stories, build their brands, and connect with readers.

In this episode of Authors Who Lead, I speak with expert publicist and author Michelle Glogovac to explore the intricacies of podcast pitching and the importance of personal branding in the literary world.

Authentic Pitching: The Gateway to Your Audience

With my extensive experience in interviews, I’ve learned how important it is to pitch yourself and your book to podcast hosts with authenticity. Authors need to demonstrate genuine interest in the topic and seek to build relationships with the host and their audience.

Michelle emphasizes the value of deeply understanding your client’s journey. Tips on crafting a compelling pitch include being thorough in research, knowing the host, and personalizing each interaction for a better success rate.

Stand Out with Personal Stories

Sharing your personal stories can have a profound impact on crafting a successful promotion. By weaving real-life experiences into their narratives, authors offer more than just their work; they provide insights into their personalities and journeys, making their stories relatable and appealing. Michelle shares how helping clients pinpoint unique aspects of their tales can create standout pitches that resonate with audiences and hosts alike.

Navigating the Promotional Journey

Many authors harbor the misconception that traditional publishers will extensively market their books. We dissect this belief by sharing Michelle’s challenges when her book’s publication date was shifted, leading her to tackle much of the promotion herself. For this reason, authors must be proactive in marketing efforts, including creating impactful media kits.

Going Above and Beyond as a Podcast Guest

There are many small but significant gestures that podcast guests can use to set themselves apart. Going the extra mile can have a lasting impact on hosts and audiences. We explore the empowering story of a first-time author who, through podcast appearances, gained the confidence to eventually speak at a major conference.

The Resource-Rich Book Launch

Michelle’s own book-writing experience, including how an unplanned layoff of her editor, led to self-reliance in meeting deadlines and securing a publishing deal. Michelle’s hope to establish industry standards is reflected in her book How to Get on Podcasts, which aims to provide a blueprint for others.

Best Practices for Pitching to Podcasts

Michelle and I discuss best practices for thorough research before pitching to podcasts. We offer tips that include understanding the podcast’s focus, aligning with the host’s previous topics, and offering value to the audience. It’s not enough to simply present yourself; you must convey how your presence can enrich the podcast and its community.

Connecting with amazing people and sharing their stories is at the heart of podcasting. Authors looking to harness this powerful medium must focus on contributing value to the conversation, making purposeful connections, and positioning their pitches to align with the audience’s interests.

As Michelle and I illuminate the path to podcast success, Authors Who Lead continues to inspire and guide literary voices toward new platforms of expression and outreach.

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In this episode of Authors Who Lead, I speak with expert publicist and author Michelle Glogovac to explore the intricacies of podcast pitching and the importance of personal branding in the literary world.