Celebrating 300 Episodes

The Journey of Authors Who Lead


As co-hosts of the “Authors Who Lead” podcast, Steve Vannoy and I are thrilled to announce our 300th episode. It’s been an incredible journey of inspiring conversations with visionary authors and leaders, and we’re filled with gratitude for the insights shared, the stories that moved us, and the community we’ve built together.

In this special episode, we reflect on our path, from the initial inspiration drawn from Gay Hendricks’s The Big Leap to the evolution of our podcast. We explore what it truly means to transition from your zone of excellence to your zone of genius and the importance of following your true passions.

Embracing the Imperfect Journey

Steve and I understand that the path to success is rarely straight. Recording shows from around the globe with limited resources has taught us to embrace imperfection. Our conversations delve deep, reflecting the raw essence of authorship, even when technical hiccups and unanticipated challenges arise. This embrace of authenticity resonates with our listeners, as it exemplifies the real-life journey of authorship—a path strewn with unpredictability and creative obstacles.

A Literary Venture Beyond the Mic

Our mission expands beyond the podcast into the realm of publishing with Mandala Tree Press and Rockrose Press—ventures that began despite my initial hesitation. Together, we embarked on the Adventures in Cinder Bottom series, nurturing three captivating books, the first titled Gone Missing, which is set to intrigue readers upon its release.

Steve’s recognition of my voracious reading habits and willingness to explore uncharted territories is a beacon for aspiring authors. Our collaborative spirit embodies the belief that stories can emanate from every corner of life and that the page is merely the beginning of a book’s journey.

Expanding Horizons and Forging New Paths

My vision extends from the written word to the airwaves and potentially to the screen. Projects loom on the horizon, including dedicated podcasts to specific ventures and even a television adaptation to celebrate the oft-overlooked narratives of Appalachia.

Our company Authors Who Lead aims to aid every author’s journey. We have crafted tools and resources with aspiring writers in mind, including a free 365-day marketing calendar that is available at authorswholead.com. The giveaway is a small token of our gratitude and commitment to nurturing the community that has bolstered this podcast’s success.

Reflections on Impact and Inspiration

After 300 episodes, we have cemented our role as mentors. My transformative coaching has resonated with figures like Pat Flynn and numerous others. This podcast acts as a catalyst for change and inspiration, a pulpit from which to champion the unwavering belief that writing has the power to alter the course of history.

Publishing for Change and Inclusion

Mandala Tree Press emerged during a time of global uncertainty—the pandemic. Determined to produce high-quality books spotlighting underrepresented voices, Steve and I have cultivated a publishing house that champions diversity and inclusivity.

The challenges of scaling the business are met with a relentless determination to share pivotal and varied stories, making literature a richer canvas for all. Mandala Tree Press particularly focuses on works that promote leadership and personal growth, continuing the podcast’s foundational ethos.

The Personal Leap into Fiction

As Steve and I prepare to step into the literary spotlight with our own series, I confront the all-too-human senses of fear and resistance. The same fears we’ve coached others through now stand at their own doorstep, a reminder of the universality of creative vulnerability.

Steve acknowledges the stark contrast between guiding others and navigating his own internal battlegrounds. We hope that this openness provides solace to listeners and readers alike, a reassurance that even the leaders have their dragons to slay.

As “Authors Who Lead” approaches its next century of episodes, we aim to continue to provide a beacon for writers, leaders, and anyone who believes in the transformative power of the written word. Here’s to many more episodes of inspiration, growth, and leadership.

Join us again next week for more captivating insights from influential authors and publishing experts. Remember to subscribe to Authors Who Lead and visit our website for more show notes and past interviews.

That’s all for this week. If you have a message inside of you that needs to be written, today is the day to start. Don’t delay—take action.

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