Why having a book idea doesn’t matter if you don’t write the book

For years I kept a spot in the back of my journal with ideas for books. I would list the ideas, the titles, and sometimes short chapters. I figured if I just kept writing them down, the right one would emerge as “The ONE!” But the list just kept getting longer and I never actually wrote a book. 

I didn’t want to write a book that was not well received or good enough, so I just waited for the right idea to emerge, but it never did. 

I came to realize that there is not a “right” idea. There is no perfect book concept. The only book that should matter is the one that you actually write. 

If you have been wanting to write a book and have a list of ideas, then it is time to take action. No more just making a list of good book ideas. No more thoughts of I would love to write a book someday. Today is the day. Don’t worry about which idea to pick, just pick one. 

Of course many people pick an idea and start writing but never finish. Which is better? To say, “I want to write a book” and not start or to say, “I am writing a book,” but never finish? 

If you are ready to say “Enough with wanting to write a book, today I start,” that’s great! I applaud you. You will need to think about these things moving forward. 


You need a plan if you really want to start your book and finish it. You have to know where you are going and how the book will end if you want to have a clear path to finishing it. If you think that you will just start typing like you did in high school and when you reach the page requirement you are done, think again. 

Books that have no plan, never get finished. 


Having a regular writing habit is essential. Writing regularly is more important than how much. If you write often enough on a regular basis, you will finish. If you don’t have a clear habit, such as writing an hour a day every Monday and Thursday, for example, you will only kind of write. The process will drag on and you’ll likely struggle to gain any meaningful momentum or finish.. 


Having someone or multiple people asking you where you are at in your writing is important. If you don’t, it is easy to dismiss your writing goals. Establishing weekly check ins with word count goals would be a great goal. I try to write about 1000 words-a-day, 5 days a week. If I miss the goal it’s okay, but If I want to really finish my book projects, then I know I have to be consistent. 

Who will ask you about your word count? On a regular basis, who will hold you accountable? Do you have a friend who can call you and ask? Do you belong to a group that will have weekly check-ins? 

If you start to implement just one of these tips, you will be well on your way to writing your book. If you do all three, you will be done in no time. Boo-Yaa!!!



Azul Terronez

Azul Terronez

Azul Terronez is a bestselling author, speaker and book coach who has helped hundreds of authors write and publish their books. He is the go-to book coach to influential figures such as Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income and Jadah Sellner, co-founder of Simple Green Smoothies.

After 24 years of contemplation, a student's question finally sparked Terronez's passion for writing and he set a bold goal to write his first book in 30 days. This led to the publication of "The Art of Apprenticeship", which garnered the attention of a TEDx organizer and led to a TEDx talk with over 3.1 million views.

Terronez has since become a sought-after speaker and has been recognized as a Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author. He is dedicated to helping other leaders write and publish their books, opening up new opportunities for them, just as it did for him.