How do I know if my book idea is any good?

This is a huge fear of mine. I mean, just to be honest, I almost always wonder if the idea that I have for a book is any good. I guess it’s because I don’t want to write something that isn’t well received by the readers. I don’t want to be a failure.

Almost all artist, writers included, feel a sense of doubt about their work, their ideas. No one wants to be rejected or ignored but the truth is, your book needs a strong purpose in order to overcome these fears. 

Sometimes when I ask other writers what they want this book to do for them, they often tell me how it will help readers change their habits, their way of thinking and generally improve their lives. This is all well and good, but the question I asked often gets overlooked.

I want to know what will happen for the writer if this book gets written? How will the author’s life change? Authors often don’t’ think about this, but this is essential to having a clear sense of vision for a book. 

Let’s face it, most books that get started are never finished. Many would-be authors start with good intentions, but when fear or doubt or worry come, they quit. Why? Because they never had a strong sense of why they were writing it in the first place. 

Do you want to write a book so that you can gain credibility in a new field? Do you want to get raise or a promotion in your current company? Are you hoping to change careers and leap into a new job? Do you want this book to help you get more clients, book more speaking gigs or charge more for your service? Or, do you just want this book to make your mom proud? 

All of these might be great reasons, but you need to be clear on your why. If your reason for writing this book is to help readers, then the fear that it isn’t good enough for them will likely creep in and you will find any excuse not to finish. 

If you want to finish your book, start with uncovering your why. Write it down, put it by your computer or on your desk so that you see it and remember it. Your “Why” is what will drive you each day to get your writing done. 

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