060: Donaldas Duskinas – A Born to Write Success Story

How to Win a Publishing Contract as a New Author

Donaldas Duskinas is a public speaking coach and the author of Retorika. He is a member of the Born to Write Community.

Today, he talks about how 100% self-belief got him a book publishing contract having only created a single sentence for his book.

He shares how writing has transformed his life as well as some tips for having clarity to keep your momentum going and the five key elements in public speaking.

What We Discuss with Donaldas Duskinas:

  • Conceiving the idea of writing a book to finally publishing
  • The greatest realization from joining the 5-day Born to Write Challenge
  • How he got a publishing contract after only writing one sentence of the book
  • Deciding for his future while having to give up some things in his life
  • Having that clarity and confidence so you can finish your book
  • What drew him to the Born to Write Community
  • His advice to new and aspiring authors
  • The 5 elements of public speaking

[00:42] Conceiving the Idea of Writing a Book

As a public speaking coach, Donaldas was encouraged by his participants to write a book. Gradually, his interest in writing a book grew.  It took him two years to get his first inspiration.

In March 2018, he just had an idea of writing a book about Retorika (public speaking) and came up with his first sentence.

He then started writing his book which took another nine months from the first sentence to when the book was published.

[03:30] Joining the 5-Day Born to Write Challenge

Azul basically taught the participants of the 5-day Born to Write Challenge to change their mindset from why readers need the book into why they need the book themselves.

After crafting his first sentence, his momentum just kept going.

Before a book makes a difference in someone’s life, it has to make a difference in the author’s life first.

So many people who made this mindset shift actually finished their book.

[05:40] Finding a Publisher

In May 2018, just after creating an outline of the book, he looked to publishers and called the biggest publisher in Lithuania. The next day, he met with the publisher, shared his idea, and together they shared the vision of this book. The key was having a clear idea and a clear vision. 

He 100% believed in himself that they will publish it. He asked for 6 months to write the book and another 3 months for the technical stuff. He walked out of the general manager’s room with a contract in his hand.

[08:55] From Publishing to Taking a Leap of Faith

His book got published in March 2019. After writing and publishing, he thought about what he wanted next and what he didn’t need in his life.

The book helped him understand the kind of future he wanted. This meant letting go of things including some of his customers and duties. This gave him more courage to start his new life. Now, he’s preparing for his second book.

Donaldas has such clarity and confidence in finishing his book. It’s having that unwavering belief that it’s not about good or bad. It’s about being.

[12:30] Why He Joined the Born to Write Community

When he started to think about writing his book, he found the Born to Write Community on Facebook. For him, joining was one of the best decisions of his life.

You don’t need a lot of inspiration, you just need to write about inspiration.

[14:05] Advice to New and Aspiring Authors

Donaldas advises aspiring authors to not think about it and just sit and start to write. Just do it.

Ask yourself a question: Why do you need this book in your life?

Answer this as clear as possible to yourself. Just be honest with yourself and you will get your answer. And then you will get the inspiration to do that.

Just think about the most important sentence in your book and this will give you clarity.

Donaldas is currently working on opening a public speaking school in Lithuania catering to both teens and adults.

[17:17] The 5 Elements of Public Speaking

Donaldas presents the methodology of Rhetotherapy. As you develop your public speaking skills, you begin to know yourself better and better.

Public speaking works beyond pronunciation. There are 5 elements needed to help you improve and develop:

1. Clear your mind – Focus on the beliefs and ideas we have in our heads when talking in front of the audience. Do you believe in yourself?

2. Control your breathing – Breathe right so you can control the situation.

3. Learn how to relax your body – When you’re relaxed, words will come and go smoothly.

4. Develop your voice – Your voice is like a muscle that you can train.

5. Create and develop your speech – In the book, you will learn your strong points and weaker points. Discover what kind of person you are and what you need to do to improve yourself.

Currently, Retorika is written in Lithuanian and he’s looking for the possibility for it to be translated into English and Russian.

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060: Donaldas Duskinas – A Born to Write Success Story060: Donaldas Duskinas – A Born to Write Success Story 060: Donaldas Duskinas – A Born to Write Success Story