061: Cameron Herold – The Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs

Elevate Your SELF to Elevate Your BUSINESS

Cameron Herold is the author of Vivid Vision, Double Double, Free PR, and The Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs.

Today, he talks about creating your own miracle morning by developing healthy and happy morning habits so you can elevate not only yourself but also your business.

Cameron is the founder of the COO Alliance and the host of the Second In Command Podcast

What We Discuss with Cameron Herold:

  • How The Miracle Morning was based on the morning SAVERS
  • Strategies you can do at night to make you a morning person
  • The benefits of having a morning routine
  • The idea behind the vivid vision using the process of visualization
  • How visions can be translated into action
  • How to put these habits into place
  • The importance of having an accountability partner
  • How the morning practice can manifest in your life
  • Focusing on being rather than doing and the power of journaling
  • What is Rule #6?

[02:50] Cameron’s Morning Habits

Cameron started sleeping at night with his blinds open which he did all winter. This has helped him to wake up naturally.

He then listens to podcast for about 60-90 minutes everyday.

[03:43] The Morning SAVERS

The book was co-authored by both Cameron and Hal Elrod, who wrote the original The Miracle Morning.

The Miracle Morning is based around the morning SAVERS which stands for:


Just enjoy the silence upon waking up and enjoying whatever view you have in front of you.


These are statements that you repeat to yourself. Say your affirmations every single day.


The Vivid Vision is a four-page document describing your business or life three years in the future in such vivid details.


Exercise for a few minutes in the morning to at least get the blood flowing.


Reading is not only limited to the old-fashioned way of reading through our eyes. You can listen to audiobooks.


Scribing means writing a 5-minute journal. Sit down with a blank page and just start to write. It can be a to-do list or your thoughts and ideas. Use a pen and a journal.

[08:15] Developing Your Morning Practice

Go to sleep with your blinds open. You will sleep perfectly through the night and wake up in the morning from the natural light outside. You can also use a white noise device in your room.

By starting your day right, you will have a healthier life. You will have more gratitude, more focus, and you live with intention.

[10:30] The Vivid Vision

Athletes have been practicing visualization. They would picture themselves in the actual event like almost perform the event in their minds hundreds of times. So at the time of the event, they perform completely on instinct. Cameron wanted to bring this tool into the business world.

For example, in building a house, the homeowner is the CEO of the project. Although they don’t know how to build it, they know what it should look like. If they can describe that vision in enough detail to the contractor, the contractor can create blueprints, drawings, and plans to make that vision come true. The employees can work from the plans to literally build the home. This is the same in the business world.

When people are clear about what they’re doing, they know why they’re doing what they’re doing, this gives them more engagement. They have a better purpose.

The Vivid Vision illustrates every single thing in why they’re doing what they’re doing much more than what a typical vision statement does.

What keeps people from this is they wake up in the morning busy and get on with their day being busy. They don’t begin the day with the end in mind and all of a sudden they wake up and they’re 80 years old and think what a waste. It’s the same as driving your car around aimlessly.

Be clear with what you do. Share that with others and they start conspiring to help make it come true as well.

[19:23] Sharing Your Morning Practice with Others

Sharing your morning practice with others sort of gives you an accountability partner.

You can both set your daily top 3 goals. Cameron uses the CommitTo3 app with his accountability partner, Joe Polish.

[21:05] How the Morning Practice Impacted Cameron’s Life

Starting off his day with gratitude has become so powerful. He writes three things he’s grateful for every morning and three things he’s grateful for at the end of the day.

Some people are too focused on doing rather than being. Try to start your morning with those SAVERS and this will free you up. This forces presence and intention.

When you go into that intention and stuff happens, you don’t react. Instead, you respond because you’re prepared for it.

[27:15] What is Rule #6?

This is about an old story about Gorbachev and Reagan meeting and trying to solve the world’s problems. When somebody got upset throughout the meeting, Gorbachev would laugh and say remember rule #6. This happened three times.

Finally, Reagan asked Gorbachev what Rule #6 was. Rule #6 is don’t take yourself so seriously. The first five rules? There aren’t any.

Self-growth and business growth do not have to be so serious. We only get one life. We’re all going to die. Let’s be more proactive in our life versus letting it happen to us.

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