059: Josh Phelan – How to Make Your Book Stand Out

Josh Phelan and Azul Discuss Tips for New Authors

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Josh Phelan is a Life Changr, working with entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, and everyday folks – and helping them close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

In his book, From Struggle Comes Strength, he shares the early successes and failures from his first business – Out of Bounds Training – that won best bootcamp in Orange County twice.

Today, Azul and Josh break down some tips and strategies for new authors and if you’re looking to relaunch your book!

What We Discuss with Josh Phelan:

  • Why your success can be your biggest downfall
  • Why your million-dollar ideas are just a dime a dozen
  • Putting your ego aside to help other people
  • What Josh learned from his first book writing experience
  • Your book cover is super important!
  • Tips for relaunching your book
  • Why people refuse to write a review and how you can get more reviews

[00:50] The Impetus Behind Writing His Book

The reason for writing his book was seeing that gap between all the things he learned from reading a ton of books and what he had ended up learning the hard way.

Be careful when you’re young and successful because this is when you can really screw things up. Your success can be your biggest downfall because you think you’re invincible.

[03:44] Million Dollar Ideas Are a Dime a Dozen

No matter how great your idea is, you really have to be able to execute that so you can close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

There are a ton of million-dollar ideas out there, but you’ve got to see them through.

[05:00] Behind-the-Scenes of His Book Writing Process

Josh’s book is targeted towards young entrepreneurs in terms of either age or actual experience.

In his book, Josh shares the messy side of creating and growing a business that most people don’t show. He realized he had to put his ego aside in order to help others.

The majority of his book was sort of a “word vomit” in a matter of 2-3 weeks.

Josh underlines the importance of a great cover. He also wished he did a better job of promoting his book in the beginning.

[18:20] The Power of Having a Great Book Cover

Covers are now so easy to change. Without having to spend too much, your cover could already look so professional.

A book cover is meant to sell the book. Who is the book for? What are they reading? If your cover doesn’t look professional, people will discredit it before they even read it.

When looking for a book cover designer, search not by relevance, but by highest recommendations.

Make sure that your covers are in the genre you want.

If you’re trying to relaunch your book, redo the cover.

[21:11] Awesome Tips for Relaunching Your Book

Amazon is an algorithm-based search engine. It’s looking to give results for the purpose of purchase. It’s mutually beneficial for the seller and Amazon for your book to do well. So Amazon is doing everything it can to help you sell books.

Relaunch your book with a brand new title and a new cover. It allows you to relaunch a book as if it’s a new book. This way, you get immediate new attention from Amazon.

Get your description prepared and ready as if it’s a sales page. Fill it with all the words they’re looking for. Be very clear to the people you’re targeting.

Ask for a review from those who have read your book. Tell them you can always edit their review. This takes the pressure off them.

Be omnipresent. Do as many things you can do to be everywhere so you can get people to buy books.

Charge small amounts. This gives Amazon the idea that you’re book is selling well. Then you can go back to its full price afterward.

You can change your categories at any time and request up to 10 additional categories.

[27:16] Josh as a Life Changer

Josh is focused on guaranteeing tangible results for people and solidifying in their minds that this is going to be one of the best decisions of their life.

People Josh looks up to and considers them as his mentors are Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, Richard Branson, and Robin Sharma.

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