014: James Schramko – Work Less Make More Book

The Road to Writing A Book

James Schramko is an entrepreneur, speaker, coach, and writer. With an extensive background in sales, James took this into the online world, doing business development for clients, until finally finding his passion in coaching people.

James is the author of the book, Work Less, Make More. He is a subject matter expert but is someone who doesn’t like to write or type. Through the help of Kelly Exeter and after a series of editing and feedback-gathering, James’s voice has finally come through exactly the way he wanted it.

[00:50] His Previous Relationship with Writing

  • As a prolific content creator, James would publish a lot of stuff that are almost always audio content (sometimes video) and his team would get the transcriptions done.
  • James rarely sits down and write (in fact he only types with his two fingers). He finds talking as an easier modality in terms of putting ideas together. And then find the people who are good at putting them into writing.

[02:35] A Brief Background

  • James has intensive experience in sales and management after running Mercedes-Benz dealerships. The he set up his business online and had a few different iterations until providing services like website development.
  • After helping people and nurturing them, James is now primarily coaching entrepreneurs and business owners to grow their business around something that you love doing rather than grinding away while still making profit.
  • James has written the book as a consolidation of all his ideas and experiences which people (most especially his kids) can use as a roadmap to success.
  • Over the years, James has been documenting and collecting records from his sales years and achievements, and diaries which he has written and put into a box.

[09:04] The Road to Writing the Book

  • After Kelly Exeter watched him present at event where he really customized his message to his audience, Kelly talked him into writing the book. He then gave him the transcript of his presentations and all other materials.
  • The book was meant to be an introductory book for people to know James better along with a pragmatic approach. This book is packed with actionable points at the end of each chapter.
  • James talks about the kind of research he did in writing the book and how he and Kelly collaborated in writing this book.
  • Basically, the book was a result of a combined effort of James’ transcripts, Kelly’s writing, both of them editing, a line editor, a proofreader, and his customers who he had them read the book for feedback.
  • Finding the Voice: James talks about the struggles they’ve had until the book could finally come out as James’ voice reflected on it.

[25:08] Work Less, Make More

  • The whole concept of the book revolves around the idea that if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing then do something different.
  • If you’re going to do something, optimize it and make it as a leverage for yourself. So each chapter of the book gives you some actionable steps which are all tied up together in the end.
  • In getting feedback from readers, they gave one copy to a complete beginner and another copy to a fairly advanced person. They then scribbled notes and used a filter that it has to be understandable for his kid. And his book was tuned up based on these principles.
  • Find out why James refused to have a committee of people initially read his draft and give feedback.
  • The goal of this book is to be able to talk to his audience but not alienate beginners. He’s getting great feedback even from the advanced customers too.

[36:35] Get Help If You Need To

  • James actually did attempt to write his first book five years ago but it didn’t come through. The key is in having the right person in your team who can catalyze you to your maximum performance. In his case, it was Kelly Exeter.
  • If you’re not a writer or typist and you’re only the subject matter expert, then get help!

[39:33] Who Will Benefit from Work Less, Make More

James outlines the type of people who can benefit most from reading this book. This is a must-read book if you are:

  • wanting to improve some areas of your lifestyle design
  • frustrated with how your life is going, specifically around how you derive your income
  • driving to a job you don’t love or dealing with nasty bosses
  • struggling with your business

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Learn more about James and know more about his book at https://www.jamesschramko.com/ and be sure to download his workbook.

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014: James Schramko - Work Less Make More Book014: James Schramko - Work Less Make More Book

014: James Schramko - Work Less Make More Book