013: Tal Gur – 100 Life Goals and 10 Years to Do It

What Sparks Creativity

Tal Gur is a nomad and avid goal seeker. Around a decade ago, he made a decision to pursue every big dream to live life on his own terms. He wrote a bucket list of 100 life goals – from Ironman triathlon to nonstop travel, to becoming financially free – and gave himself exactly 10 years to achieve them all. Little did he know that that night would change the course of his life.

Through relentless focus, Tal traded his daily grind for a life of his own daring design, as a location-independent entrepreneur and coach. He tackled financial, physical, and spiritual dreams one by one: mastering English in Melbourne, completing Ironman New Zealand, creating financial independence, surfing at the world’s most sought-after beaches, and rebuilding a Peruvian family’s flood-ravaged home, among other adventures. Tal shares not only his journey but how the book was a celebration of his journey.

[02:07] The Trigger Behind His 100 Life Goals

  • Tal talks about being a nomad for almost 10 years and even though English was not his native language, he felt the need for his story to be told.
  • His journey of nomadic life began when he realized that despite having a nice corporate life, something was still missing. So he took a vacation in Cyprus and asked himself one important question: “When was I really, really truly happy?”
  • He then took off and went to Australia doing his Master’s degree, which was his first BIG goal. This triggered the whole journey of his 100 life goals!

[05:55] Finding the Bigger Why

  • Inspired by his friend whose dad died at 40, he realized he wanted to live his life like he only had 10 years left to live. Tal defines what life goals are.
  • Tal describes how and why people set different goals. One thing he says that’s striking is that once you actually achieve a lot of goals, your ability to listen increases. Find that quiet place inside of you and let life guide you – versus setting goals from your mind or based on fear.
  • Since Tal has set his journey, he decided that he’d change an area of focus every year. For instance, the first year was about socializing while the second year was on fitness, then financial freedom. etc. Not really deciding in advance, he would just let it happen.
  • He would set one big goal that is then further broken down in mini life goals that would set the foundation for the journey.

[11:11] Achieving Financial Freedom and The Power of Leverage

  • Tal gives out his personal definition of financial freedom regardless of your income. The key is minimizing your expenses while increasing your passive income.
  • “The source of money is more important that money.” Tal articulately explains the concept of wealth and sources of wealth. Shifting to the right mindset is also key.
  • Tal talks about the major shift he has done to put his focus on acquiring his wealth and leveraging.

[17:17] Falling that Led to Life’s Spiritual Journey

  • Tal realized just setting goals the way he wanted doesn’t work anymore and that you don’t get what you want no matter what you do. And so at that time, relationships failed. Hopes were low when he previously didn’t believe in giving up until that time.
  • Realize the balance between knowing when to surrender and when not to give up. Tal shares when to know when. Learn about the skill of accepting what life teaches you.
  • Find out his biggest lessons in terms of letting go of identity and having that core inside you that never changes. Know who you are and you’d know why you’re here. Try this 16 personalities test!

[25:20] What Sparks Creativity

  • Learn how you can tap into your creative side and why Tal thinks why creativity is why we’re here.
  • Tal shares his insights into getting out of your comfort zone!
  • The power of telling your mind to relax: Your mind can overprotect you from things that aren’t really going to harm you.

[31:05] Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Rejection

  • Initially, Tal didn’t believe he could write because he has put a limiting belief on himself, not confident about his english.
  • Prove to your mind that it’s not really that bad. For Tal, he found blogging to be a powerful way for him to practice and experiment.
  • Practice being rejected and you’d realize it’s not so bad after all. Rejection is not a negative thing, it’s how you deal with it.
  • Tal shares his biggest advice when it comes to receiving feedback when writing a book – be ready for rejection!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask. Be bold. You just have to ask.

[38:12] Why Tal Wrote the Book

  • Tal had a creative coach related to book writing and he shares the things he learned. In fact, he hired two great editors because this book was so important to him because it was part of his purpose. It was a calling.
  • People write books for different reasons but if this is part of your purpose, you have way more power behind this endeavor.


The Art of Fully Living: 1 Man. 10 Years. 100 Life Goals Around the World

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013: Tal Gur - 100 Life Goals and 10 Years to Do It013: Tal Gur - 100 Life Goals and 10 Years to Do It

013: Tal Gur - 100 Life Goals and 10 Years to Do It