305: The Superconscious Path: Rising Above Life’s Challenges with Chris Duncan

Breaking Free from Not Enoughness


In this episode of Authors Who Lead, Chris Duncan and I delve into the essence of what it means to be an author. We unravel the concept that books transmit vibrations and messages far beyond mere words on a page. This episode is a treasure trove of insight for any aspiring writer who feels the call to share their voice with the world.

The Unquantifiable Impact of Presence and Message

Chris Duncan points out that the unique energy an author brings to their work is infinitely more impactful than perfect prose could ever be. It’s the author’s presence and integrity that resonates with readers, creating real transformation. The subtle undertones of lived experience, personal philosophies, and heartfelt messages make each book a unique vibration that echoes in the lives of its readers.

Trusting Your Writer’s Instinct

Aspiring writers are often plagued with self-doubt and hesitate to put pen to paper. Chris Duncan encourages these individuals to trust in their inherent ability to craft stories. By embracing their narratives and developing their skills, they can fulfill their dreams of authorship. Their desire to write is not only a passion but a sign they are already equipped with everything they need to become leaders through literature.

Living Simply, Living Fully

Transitioning into the nuances of life’s simplicity, Chris and I discuss how our own lives have morphed into a paradigm of effortless simplicity. Chris introduces listeners to his “simple life plan”—a philosophy rooted in the understanding that we are spiritual beings on a temporal earthly journey. The true quality of life is not measured by our possessions or accolades but by our emotional landscape. By identifying desired emotions and pursuing actions that evoke those feelings, we can attain a sense of fulfillment that transcends material achievement.

Breaking the Cycle of “Not Enoughness”

Many of us are ensnared in the compulsion of “not enoughness”—a relentless chase after the next success, the next peak. We tackle this pervasive mindset, with Chris highlighting the importance of discovering “enough.” When life is viewed through a lens of playfulness and joy, we move beyond the addictive cycle of achievement and into a space where creativity and contentment flourish.

Creative Processes Over Problem-Solving

I share my approach to helping clients untangle their creative process from their critical mindset, making writing a more liberated and natural flow. Creators must focus on the structures and desires that propel their creativity rather than remaining stuck in cycles of problem-solving.

Cultivating an Internal Sense of Abundance

The conversation shifts to Chris Duncan’s personal revelation: that an income of $5,000 a month would suffice for his happiness. This realization catalyzed a paradigm shift, urging him to embrace a lifestyle of contentment and abundance in the present moment. I elaborate on the destructive loop of anxiety and self-doubt tied to the pursuit of success, advocating instead for the sweetness of a simple, joy-filled living.

Tapping into Superconsciousness

Chris illuminates the concept of superconsciousness—the paramount state of mind where intuition and freedom from trauma reside. This echelon of consciousness enables individuals to step out of problem-oriented living and into the reality of intuitive genius. Chris and I encourage listeners to embrace the present moment, unhook from fear-driven decision-making, and focus on the creative potential over the tangible limitations.

The Art of Living and Writing

We reaffirm the importance of living as creators, not as problem solvers, to craft both a life and body of work imbued with love and intentionality. Through this invigorating conversation, Chris and I challenge authors to reconceptualize writing, success, and the very fabric of our daily existence. Authors—and indeed, all individuals—are called to seek internal fulfillment over external validation, and in doing so, write not just books, but chapters of an enriched and thriving life.

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That’s all for this week. If you have a message inside of you that needs to be written, today is the day to start. Don’t delay—take action.

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