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Ending Generational Trauma


In this episode of Authors Who Lead, Azul delves into the vulnerable world of author Carmin Caterina, whose book “It Starts With Me: One Mom’s Journey to End the Pattern of Generational Trauma” provides a roadmap for breaking destructive cycles. With the wisdom gained from both her professional background as a speech-language pathologist and her personal experiences as a mother, Caterina provides insights into the transformative power of storytelling and writing.

The Seeds of a Book: Discovering the Writer Within

Carmin’s journey to book writing started long before she penned “It Starts With Me.” With a history steeped in writing—from stories to poetry to a children’s book—it seemed inevitable that she would one day tell her own story. The catalyst came when Carmin joined a group coaching program and she and I met. Reflecting on her healing journey, Carmin understood that her narrative had the potential to help others break the shackles of their inherited traumas.

Vulnerability and Storytelling: The Balancing Act

Unveiling one’s personal struggles with trauma is no easy feat. Carmin addresses this with a nuanced approach, focusing on her path while respecting the privacy of others entangled in her story. This balance between being raw and empathetic crafts a narrative that is not only intimate but also universal, allowing readers to find echoes of their own experiences within its pages.

Understanding Generational Trauma: A Butterfly’s Legacy

“Generational trauma,” as Carmin defines it, is the transmission of unresolved and subconscious pain from one generation to another. Through the metaphor of the butterfly’s life cycle, Carmin illustrates how personal transformation can have an echoing effect, healing not only ourselves but also our lineage—past and future. The supergeneration concept, developed through Carmin’s writing process, not only sheds light on the cyclic nature of trauma but also provides a poignant framework for healing.

The Author’s Growth: From Book To Transformation

Throughout the writing journey, Carmin emphasizes the power of trusting the process. Each draft of her book became a step in her growth, illustrating just how intertwined writing and personal transformation can be. Carmin, who now confidently embraces her title as an author and expert in her journey, is proof that a calling to write is also a calling to evolve.

Embarking on the Healing Journey: Inspiring Readers and Writers Alike

Carmin’s message to her audience is clear: trust yourself, and trust that others will benefit from your honesty. By showcasing her vulnerabilities, Carmin inspires readers to confront their traumas and seek the light at the end of the tunnel. As she shared, the anticipation and early feedback for her book established it as not just her story, but a catalyst for many to begin their healing journeys.

Impacting Lives, One Word at a Time

As Carmin Caterina’s tale of struggle, resilience, and transformation reaches readers around the world, the impact of her work is undeniable. “It Starts With Me” speaks to the power of vulnerability, encouraging each of us to take ownership of our stories, break the cycle of pain, and pave the way for generations to come. Whether in the form of healing advice or the courage to embrace our roles as guides in others’ lives, Carmin reminds us that authorship is not just about writing—it’s about leading with purpose and authenticity.

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