268: The Art of Failure | Azul Terronez

How to Write a Book Even If You Are Afraid

“Failure has been my greatest teacher, and when I didn’t let failure define me, I began to grow.” —Azul Terronez

Have you ever thought to yourself, I really want to write this book, but it feels like if I do I might not succeed? Maybe you think you’ll start but not finish, or maybe you’ll start and it won’t be any good? For the authors I help, whether they’ve written one book, ten books, or none at all, their biggest fear is failing.

On this week’s episode of “Authors Who Lead,” I talk about the art of failure and how we often forget how important failure is because we are trained to think about how to succeed.

Failure Is Misunderstood

Most of us want to succeed without failure, and we don’t see how failure is actually an opportunity to do something right. But failure is learning, so it’s actually a good thing.

The Real Problem

The real problem is not the failure itself but the little voice in your head that tries to make meaning out of that failure. It tells us that we are no good, and we’ve been conditioned to believe that our failures define our worth. There isn’t anyone or anything out there that can tell you that you’re doing it wrong except for yourself.

This little voice also compares us to others, especially if our dreams look different from theirs. We’re afraid we are failing because what we’re doing looks different and sets us apart from others. But this is a good thing. It shows our unique passions and helps us learn to succeed on our own paths, despite what we perceive as failures.

In this podcast, I also share:

  • Writer’s block can be an excuse we come up with in our heads when we are afraid of failing.
  • Failure is such a beautiful gift; it teaches you how to be resilient.
  • Your story, your perspective is exactly what the world needs.
  • Taking three minutes to write a hundred words written down on a piece of paper can change your life.
  • You can join our Author Apprentice program and start working on getting your book out of you!

I’m so grateful that you listened to this podcast. I appreciate anybody who leaves a review; it really helps inspire us to keep contributing and giving content here.

What was your biggest takeaway from this episode? What is your biggest fear of writing your book? In the comments, share your biggest obstacles.

That’s all for this week. If you have a message inside you that needs to be written, know that you can write and publish the book that’s been on your heart. Don’t delay—get out of your head, put words on the page today, and make a movement with your message!

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268: The Art of Failure | Azul Terronez268: The Art of Failure | Azul Terronez

268: The Art of Failure | Azul Terronez