103: Mason Hagner – 11-Year-Old Writes His First Book

What we can learn? from kids about writing a book

Mason Hagner is 11 years and wrote his first book, Never Give Up No Matter WhatIt’s an incredible story about how he and his father came up with the idea and then had the book, edited, illustrated, and put out into the world. 

Now, what’s amazing about this when you get so much determination is that you use your struggles or challenges to create meaningful conversations through a book. And when you do it at 11, it really helps you to see the world differently. I hope you’ll be inspired by Mason’s work.

If an 11-year-old kid can do it, so can you! 

What We Discuss with Mason Hagner:

  • What he learned from playing baseball that gave him an idea for the book
  • His book writing process and promoting the book
  • Applying the lessons into his daily life

[0:25] Where the Idea of Writing a Book Started

Mason started football in third grade and didn’t get a lot of playing time in football. And so he wanted to teach kids how to never give up and just go through it. And if you keep on going, great stuff can happen.

Mason felt mad for not having enough time playing. He was also felt sad thinking he wasn’t good enough. Good thing he didn’t give up because he got to play one more game. 

[03:10] The Book Writing Process

It started when Mason and his dad were at Starbucks, and they decided to write a book. They began writing a rough draft and drawing pictures and then got it off to an editor. 

Mason’s dad has a podcast called The Dad Edge Podcast. Mason and his dad did a podcast together and they used it as a platform to promote his book.

[05:54] Applying the Lessons He Learned into His Life

When Mason is struggling in a test, he just reminds himself to never give up. And even when he lost in wrestling, he just managed to get through it. He believes that every time you lose, you learn something. 

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