096: Amy Woods – How Authors Can 10x Their Content

More Content, Less Time, Maximum Results

Amy is an expert in content repurposing and the Founder of Content 10x – a niche creative agency. She helps content creators grow their audience by maximizing their return on the content they create.

She is also the author of bestselling book Content 10x: More Content, Less Time, Maximum Results, the ultimate guide to reaching more people online with your content. She is also the host of The Content 10x Podcast, where she teaches all that you need to know about repurposing your content.

She’s talked on stages all around the world about content repurposing, most recently at PodFest Multimedia Expo, Agency Transformation Live, Podcast Movement, the inaugural Retain Live event, and Chris Ducker’s Youpreneur Summit.

Today, Amy shares valuable insights into creating valuable content that can 10x your business and some highlights from her book!

What We Discuss with Amy Woods:

  • Why she decided to finally write her own book
  • Her leap into the entrepreneurial world
  • What it means to 10x your content
  • The purpose of her book Content 10x
  • Why is all content not equal
  • Common mistakes people make with content
  • Tips in repurposing content
  • Marketing the book

[02:13] Tying Her Book Writing into Her Branding

The book came about in October 2019 after being encouraged by a mastermind group led by Chris Ducker. She quickly learned how having a book gives you leverage in terms of branding and establishing authority.

[04:35] Her Leap into the Entrepreneurial World

After working for 13 years in Corporate America, she decided to prioritize her time with family and jumped into the online business space. She has expertise in developing processes and making things efficient. And she was drawn into the idea of content repurposing 

[10:05] The Purpose of Her Book, Content 10x

Amy saw the huge gap between free content, reading a blog post, listening to a podcast, following her on social, and the next step. With the book, she wanted to bridge the gap between a free service and a comprehensive service.

The book is for the DIYers. It’s more designed for readers, not to read it from start to finish, but to jump around. 

Taking the book to the next level, Amy is launching an online course, which serves as the toolkit. 

[13:30] Why is All Content Not Equal: Understanding Your Funnel

  • Long-form content: podcast episodes, videos, longer blog posts.
  • Short-form content could include snackable content, IG stories, and Tweets.

Whether content should be equal or not depends on what your intention for the content is and the next stage for it.

People need to spend a certain amount of time with anybody.

Luckily, in the online space, you won’t have to do it person-to-person.

  1. They usually don’t find you by your long-form content. They will most likely find you when they’re on the mobile device and find you initially via something short such as social media platforms.
  2. Once they find you and like you, they can then find you in videos, podcasts, blog posts, etc.
  3. After spending enough time with you, then they begin to trust you. And that’s when they’re taking the next step that you want them to take – whether it’s buying a product, service, or membership.
  4. You can’t just assume that people will find your content. You actually have to put your content in front of them. Ultimately, they all have to come together.
If you are repurposing longer-form content into a shorter content, then it’s all completely aligned.

The message is the same. There’s congruency. You’re able to communicate your thoughts and ideas in different ways. It’s still consistent in terms of who you are, what you do, and what problem you solve. It keeps you focused on what you’re putting out and what you want to be known for.

Focus on the longer form content first then look at how you can repurpose that down into shorter content. Or it can be vice versa as long as you’re consistent with your message.

[21:22] Commons Mistakes People Make with Content

  • Scattered message of the content: Some people may not understand what you’re talking about if your messages are scattered. 
  • Not respecting the different social media platforms: People are trying to put the same thing on different social media platforms. What works on Twitter doesn’t necessarily work on LinkedIn. Have platform-specific strategies for the content you create.
  • Trying to do too much: Focus on really quality content and promote that on even just one social media platform your followers are. Quality over quantity.

[24:54] Tips in Repurposing Content

Try to connect with different learning styles. Reach people who like to learn to create content in different ways. 

Don’t repurpose it where you keep it in the same format – just keep changing up.

For example, you can turn one video into separate short videos you can post on social media. Or written blog post into more written content into articles. Or audio into short audio. 

[32:35] Marketing the Book

Her focus on marketing was to reach as many people as she can.

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096: Amy Woods – How Authors Can 10x Their Content

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096: Amy Woods – How Authors Can 10x Their Content096: Amy Woods – How Authors Can 10x Their Content

096: Amy Woods – How Authors Can 10x Their Content