088: Laura Powers World Renowned Celebrity Psychic Tells All

The Way to Craft a Bestselling Book

Laura Powers is an entertainer, celebrity psychic, actress, model, host, singer, writer, and speaker. She is the host of the popular film and television podcast, Behind the Scenes with Laura Powers and the Healing Powers Podcast.

Today, she shares her truth in the world, her books about Archangels and Ascended Masters, and how she crafts her books when you try to make an impact in the world.

What We Discuss with Laura Powers:

  • The early origins of becoming a leader in the world outside of a traditional career
  • Her book writing process
  • How to get a book profitable before it even gets released
  • The key to a successful book marketing campaign
  • Leveraging podcast, blogs, and social media
  • Where her book writing ideas come from
  • Her marketing timeline and how she keeps things in momentum
  • How to make your book stand out
  • We all have something to share in the world!
  • How it’s like to write with a nomadic lifestyle
  • The power of hiring a virtual assistant

[05:00] Laura’s Book Writing Journey

Drive to share her knowledge. Laura remembers walking into a local library and thought she had something to share that she wrote a book in six weeks. Then she learned how to make what she wrote into a real book.

A lot of her writings are quick because they’re being channeled to her. The hard part for her is the packaging and marketing.

[07:31] Getting a Book Sold Before It’s Even Released

Just get it out there. Now, it’s much easier to put your book out there. It’s easier to pay and it’s easier to share it on social media.

Diligence is key. Don’t just work for that day and that’s it. Be assertive and follow up. Let people know how it’s progressing and how it’s going when people pledge on crowdfunding.

Offer extra goodies. Laura offers packages with services she already has. She either offers her time for free reading or she offers her courses and programs. It doesn’t have to be specifically related to the book.

[10:10] Leveraging Media

Use whatever media you already have. Laura set up a psychic reading station at her friend’s coffee shop. And the first day she was scheduled to do the reading, the managing editor for a local newspaper called and asked if he could write a story about her. Two days later, she was already in the regional newspaper. At that point, she saw the impact media has.

Get started with podcasts. Find a very niched podcast you can speak on and once you have that, you can share that with other people. Make sure to put together a media kit.

Follow all the places where people post. HARO (Help A Reporter Out) is a great example where reporters will look for sources for things. Check out Facebook groups and lists where you can see people booking guests.

Make sure you have a website that looks professional. A professional profile image is very important. Place testimonials and information about your books so that it looks credible.

Connect with influencers.

[18:45] The Benefits of Having a Book

It gives you credibility. Laura thinks having published her books has helped her with building platforms and brands in her business as a whole.

It provides reach. A book makes you more accessible to other people. It’s a wonderful way to get shared with others too!

[23:45] How to Make Your Book Stand Out

Tell stories. People are drawn in not just by information but by stories. We all have something unique to share with the world. If we don’t share it, then we’re also depriving people of that knowledge and connection.

[27:10] How to Manage a Traveling Lifestyle

Set your intentions. Go to places you can also go to regularly or where there are people you know. Laura has clients all over the world so she also enjoys it when she writes on the plane. Traveling doesn’t need to be hard.

Do a book tour. It would be a great book tour idea to go to a city you want to travel to where you have a friend or family member.

Go with the flow. Don’t plan a lot.

Hire a virtual assistant. There are assistants overseas that work at low rates because their cost of living is much lower.

[35:05] The Power of Having an Author Persona

Take baby steps. Don’t feel like you have to be a bestseller author immediately. Just do the little things everyday.

Connect with other writers. Connect with people that are where you want to be or where you want to go. Join groups and surround yourself around people who inspire you.

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088: Laura Powers World Renowned Celebrity Psychic Tells All

088: Laura Powers World Renowned Celebrity Psychic Tells All