044: Sean Cannell Shares Amazing YouTube Secrets

Behind-the-Scenes of a Bestseller

Sean Cannell is the co-author of Youtube Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Following and Making Money as a Video Influencer along with Benji Travis. Sean shares some marketing strategies built around building relationships, serving vs selling, and tapping into the power of YouTube through the 7 C’s!

What We Discuss with Sean Cannell:

  • The strength and weaknesses of social media
  • How a book allows you to renew your thinking
  • Sean introduces the power of YouTube marketing
  • The book writing process and building something from scratch
  • The power of framework and breaking it up to what is essential and isn’t
  • Collaboration is not required for growth – find out why!
  • How they’ve formulated the 7 C’s of YouTube success
  • How to use YouTube to get momentum for a book launch
  • Understanding where to post consistent content
  • Content is King – but Marketing is Queen and she runs the household!
  • Debunking some YouTube myths that stop people from getting started
  • Sean shares some YouTube strategies

[00:45] The Strength and Weakness of Social Media

Though the internet, you get to connect with people in ways that can actually foster stronger, genuine human connection. However, social media can have its own share of weaknesses where we become a headline-reading culture.

With a book, you can get supersaturated with strategy and renewal of your thinking. It gives you a fresh perspective being away from other distractions.

[04:05] How the Book Actually Came About

With over a decade of experience in video, Sean and Benji collaborated with each other, putting ideas together to create a book though Scribe Media (formerly Book in a Box).

Sean talks about why it took them four years to actually release the book – they want it right, not rushed!

They started the YouTube channel first before putting out the book. And once the book came out, they’ve already got a platform.

[09:22] The Power of Frameworks

Some of the greatest books, business concepts, management books, leadership have created frameworks.

Collaboration is one of the biggest ways to grow but it’s not required for growth.

Find out the 7 C’s of YouTube success. Sean and Benji wanted these to be timeless.

[13:45] How to Get Momentum for a Book Launch

YouTube now has over 2 billion monthly active users with Gmail Account. It’s the dominant video platform – and the best in terms of mobile distribution and technology infrastructure.

But at the end of the day, it’s not about the channel or the book. It’s having that connection! Sean recommends starting a weekly show on YouTube.

You have to post consistent content to be relevant. Consider YouTube when doing this as they’re the second largest search engine in the world, hence, they offer more discoverability opportunities than other platforms.

Sean and Benji did this for three and a half years, building trust and momentum. We do business with people we know, like, and trust. They also consistently shared something of value to their audience. The result? The #1 book on YouTube!

[20:25] Content is King, but Marketing is Queen and She Runs the Household!

Content is not enough. Authors should take the responsibility to be their own PR agent.

Think of marketing as serving your content.

[23:50] A Success Story

Sean shares a success story of someone they’ve worked with or consumed their content.

Some takeaways:

  • Create consistent content.
  • Commit to posting three Instagram stories, for instance, at least three times each day.
  • Get comfortable with it until you’re able to create your own YouTube video.
  • Punch perfectionism in the face. Press Record and put it out there!

[32:55] Myths on YouTube that Keep People from Getting Started

Myth #1: It’s too late.

Myth #2: YouTube is too crowded.

Different is better than better. Find out how you can be different!

If you doubt you’d be successful on YouTube, just find one example of someone who looks like you, sounds like you, is from where you are, with the same challenges as you have – and if you’ve found that one person, then you can do it too.

It’s not about being talented – but it’s about giving VALUE. There is massive opportunity to build your influence on YouTube.

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Youtube Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Following and Making Money as a Video Influencer

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