043: Michelle Kinsman – Real World Feminist

How to Start A Movement with Your Book

Michelle Kinsman is the author of Real-World Feminist Handbook: Practical Advice on How to Find, Win & Kick Ass at Your First Job. Michelle and Azul met at Camp GLP, run by Jonathan Fields. Today, she shares with us what got her to write the book, her book-writing process, and some marketing strategies she used.

What We Discuss with Michelle Kinsman:

  • The intention of writing a book
  • Getting the attention of women
  • Getting clarity in what you want to do
  • Finding and speaking her voice geared toward women
  • Michelle’s book writing process: not writing things in order and showing up every day!
  • The transformation Michelle experienced out of writing her book
  • Wanting to create a movement geared toward helping women
  • Dealing with stereotypes – freedom to be the person you are!
  • Breaking down your book into digestible pieces
  • The power of speaking your truth
  • There is only ONE you!

[01:16] The Impetus Behind Writing a Book

Michelle was itching to do more and contemplating writing.

As a kid, she loved writing, which brought her so much joy. As she grew up, she just got far away from that.

She joined one workshop with Jonathan Fields in it. Then she brought in the idea among her friends to join the camp, with the intention to learn more about writing processes and creating a book.

[07:22] Getting Herself to Finally Write the Book

Journaling didn’t work for her. The missing piece was being able to contribute something more to the world.

What lights her up about her job is the ability to help women build their careers and become leaders.

We all have our voice. But she says that she has a voice to and it’s something she can contribute.

[13:43] Dealing with Fear Using the Word “Feminist”

She realized she can’t write for everyone and that she was passionate about helping young women find their voices. So she had to go all in and explained what the word “feminist” really means. And she felt good.

Coming out of college, she had the fire but didn’t really know what to do.

After re-reading all her journals and started writing, her thought process was how could she break it down to her 22-year-old self.

Stuck in the vortex and trying to figure out what to do, and being the first in her family to go to college, she didn’t have the luxury of connections.

[21:44] Creating a Roadmap for Women

Today, Michelle leads a huge production company and she’s helping many people build their own careers.

Having started way from the bottom, she wanted to help women skip the period of spin by providing them with a roadmap to make their path easier in getting from point A to point B.

[24:12] Organizing the Book Writing Process and Showing Up Everyday

Michelle found mind mapping very helpful. She used a checklist to help her organize stuff and check things off until she gets laser-focused on what part of advice she wanted to provide to women.

You don’t have to write things in order. Writing should be fun and easy. If it’s visually mapped out, you don’t have worry about it being in order as you can just re-assemble them later on.

You can write a book in 60 days – you just have to show up every single day!

[32:55] The Transformation This Book Gave Michelle

She thought of the book as her first big step. She saw it as just the beginning of creating this movement to help women become stronger advocates for themselves. Michelle is looking into creating podcasts in the future.

[38:48] Reclaiming the Word “Feminist”

The word “feminist” comes with a lot of baggage. Michelle wishes to reclaim this word and put out her flavor of what she sees as a real-world feminist.

It’s important for women to not shy away from a word that other people have placed other meanings on. It could be whatever you want it to be!

[41:33] Creating a Book is a Teamwork

Michelle realized that you have to break down your story into digestible pieces. Creating a book is a team work.

[44:47] Message to Aspiring Writers

Speak your truth. Everybody has value they can share with others. Put your own voice out there and do less of what other people have already covered.

There’s no shortage of point of views – but there’s only one YOU!

The more YOU you are, the better chance you have. And the more you exclude people, when you don’t please everyone, the better chance you have of making an impact on the people who hear your message.

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