039: Linda P. Jones – The Wealth Heiress

Author Made Her Millions In her 30’s Shares her Secrets to Wealth

Linda P. Jones is a global wealth mentor and the author of You’re Already a Wealth Heiress! Now Think and Act Like One: 6 Practical Steps to Make It a Reality Now. In her book, she explains the six steps to wealth. Today, she talks about a couple of those steps, the importance of transforming to a wealth mindset, the power of finding a mentor, how you can use the wealth formula, and focusing on your spending priorities vs budgeting.

What We Discuss with Linda Jones:

  • The death of her husband as the catalyst to new opportunities
  • Making the right choices with your money
  • Understanding the bubbles and cycles and incorporating that into your investments
  • Why people have this fear of wealth
  • 6 steps to creating wealth
  • Investing in a money engine
  • Reprogramming your subconscious through repetition
  • The power of finding a mentor
  • What if it’s too late? Find out the wealth formula!
  • Do budgets work? Going to your spending priorities instead!
  • When creating a book, be different and create a brand.

[02:23] Finding a Sense of Purpose

After the sudden death of her husband, she didn’t know where her life was going to go even though she was financially able.

She realized she needed to find her purpose and live it.

[04:41] Abundance is Within You!: What Her Book Is All About

It’s possible for everyone to have a very comfortable life and have abundance. It’s a matter of understanding the right steps to take.

Make the right choices with your money and you’ll become healthy. That said, abundance is already within you.

How we’re taught about finance should be reshaped as well.

Linda wants to reestablish how finance is taught and not make it boring and difficult and show people how they can do it for themselves.

[07:20] Creating a Wealthy Mindset

Linda refers to the different bubbles and cycles we’re making like the Internet bubble or real estate. You have to be able to recognize trends early.

There are over 3200 cycles that have been identified on our planet that we don’t learn at school. Consider where we are on a certain cycle now and how long they run. Wealthy people have used these cycles in their investing.

There is this stigma that wealthy people are wicked. But that’s not true. There are a lot of wealthy people doing great work. There is full of negative messaging around this that needs to be changed.

[14:30] Linda’s System of Changing Your Limiting Belief

We’ve also been led to believe, by our family mostly, that money doesn’t grow on trees and that kind of stuff. But we can change our thoughts and beliefs.

The key is to make those statements and insert true statements in between in each one so when you say them, your subconscious can argue with you. It’s already accepting the true statement that you said after the statement you want to make true.

[24:30] Finding a Mentor

A mentor is someone who’s done what you want to accomplish and let them show you the steps. This is the purpose of her podcast.

Not everyone wants to be healthy, but we all want to be financially free. This requires education and mentorship.

[27:15] The Wealth Building Formula

It’s never too late to start building your wealth. The formula is money compounding in time.

When you think a certain bubble can’t possibly go down, that’s when you’re in trouble.

Budgets can give you a bad relationship with money. They’re only important if you’re on a very tight situation. But if you’re making more than your bills, simply focus on your spending priorities – five places where you really want to put your money. Make sure your money is going to where you really value. Don’t blow money on things that don’t really matter to you.

[33:25] Linda’s Book Writing Process

Linda faced a lot of rejections during the early years but she knew she had to continue on. Then she decided to go to another agent and got the idea of writing a book for women.

Once she got the proposal for The Wealthy Heiress book, she had three offers from traditional publishers and picked the one she wanted.

[37:16] Linda’s Message to Aspiring Writers

Get your message very clear and be different. Make sure your book has something new in it or add something to the conversation. Make sure your brand is super strong as it’s what’s going to separate you from everybody else.

Hire an editor before you even go to the publisher. It may cost you extra money but it’s going to go a long way. Also, work on your social media even before you publish your book so everything is in place.

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