038: SJ Scott – from Zero to $40,000 in Monthly Sales

How to Make Money Writing Books

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SJ Scott has written a ton of books including Declutter Your Mind, Habit Stacking, Master Evernote, and Level Up Your Day, just to name a few. Today, we talk about why writers get stuck, the editing process, self-publishing, audiobooks, and some great tips to market your book.

What We Discuss with SJ Scott:

    • What keeps writers from writing
    • His experience writing his first book and the joy of self-publishing
    • Where authors miss the mark in serving an already existing market
    • Steve’s writing habit when working on a new book
    • Dealing with negative feedback
    • SJ’s editing process
    • How he determines a book would be successful from a business perspective
    • Learn more about SJ’s co-writing process and research process
    • Things to focus on when getting to market your book
    • Marketing your book through Amazon Marketing Ads and social media
    • How to make sure you don’t overstuff the books you write
    • Why you should pay attention to the audiobook market

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