Why Become a Member?

Accountability Support
There is POWER in numbers. For many writers, one of the biggest challenges of writing a book is simply sitting down and doing it. Our moderator will keep the time and check in with you to help you track your writing goals.

Dedicated Writing Time
Your progress as an author will grow by leaps and bounds when you commit to a block of time to focus on writing. You will build writing muscle and momentum by showing up, setting a goal for the writing sessions, and putting words to the page.

Get More Done
Use this time to focus on your goal for the hour, whether it be for drafting your manuscript or completing the edits to finish your book.

Accountability Support

Dedicated Writing Times

Get More Done

What to Expect​

Weekly Live Online Sessions
Every week you will be given multiple times that you can join other writers and a moderator to get your writing done.

Set and Achieve Your Writing Goals
You will set your goals at the beginning of each session and check-in to share your progress at the end. No need to be on camera, just show up to do your writing in community.

You can login from your computer or your phone, all you need to do is show up and write.

Don't Write Alone

Click below to finally get the motivation and support you need to stay in the seat and get it done.

Author Power Hour

Monthly Subscription
$ 19
  • Accountability Support
  • Dedicated Writing Time
  • Set and Achieve Your Writing Goals

Frequently Asked Questions:

What times are the Author Power Hour?
We have multiple days and times each week and we list these inside the community page. 

What program does Author Power Hour use?
We will be using the “Live” feature inside our private author community hosted by circle.

How long is each Author Power Hour?
Each writing session is 60 minutes?

Will I be live on camera?
During the Author Power Hour all cameras and microphones will be off but we have a chat enabled for interaction with each other and the moderator.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?
Please email your questions to info@authorswholead.com