Our Authors

Pat Flynn

Azul was quick to address the mental roadblocks that I was facing, and he gave me specific deadlines which was really helpful.

Azul isn’t just a writing coach – he’s a teacher and he makes me feel like I have someone in my corner, to help me finish my book”.

Dana Malstaff

Before I met Azul, I was a Business and Content Strategist who was trying to grow a business and be a parent at the same time. I had direction, but no true driving force. Azul helped me unlock my purpose. I always knew I wanted to write a book, and when I sat down with Azul he helped me figure out what I was meant to write, what I was meant to put out into the world. His mix of support, drive, and experience has helped me not only stay motivated and actually write, but also to create more community in my life. My journey with Azul has been so meaningful, he has helped me so much not only to write, but to find my path, and I am so grateful have found him. He has helped me create something that truly represents a part of me and helped me share it with the world.

Seth Hanes

For years I thought about writing a book, but did nothing more than just think about it. In six months, Azul helped me perfect the story I wanted to tell, write the manuscript, and publish the entire book. My book launched at #1 in three Amazon categories, beating out a NYT-bestseller, and I couldn’t have done it without Azul!

Dominic Carrillo

“When my manuscript was near completion, I made the wise decision to employ the services and request the guidance of Azul Terronez. My only regret is that I didn’t seek his insightful, wonderful advice sooner! Every time I consulted with Azul, I was reminded of his natural sense of wisdom, reflective, inquiry-based thinking, and balanced perspective. Beyond professional editing, story craft, and marketing advice, Azul listened acutely, read deeply into meaning, and asked me all the right questions to get the most out of the author in me. He clearly sees the importance of the big picture as well as the crucial details in writing. To me, Azul is a true feedback guru, a master of craft—more than a writing coach– a sage and counselor.”

Abby Medcalf, PhD

Abby Medcalf is a psychologist, author and speaker who has helped thousands of people create happy, connected relationships. With her unique background in both business and counseling, she brings a fresh, effective perspective to relationships.

Kelly Cochran

Kelly is the bestselling author of LOUD: Silence Your Critics & Turn Up the Volume on Your Life, which launched as an Amazon bestseller in September 2019.

An unapologetic writer, speaker, and entrepreneur, Kelly passionately encourages women to listen to their instincts and speak their truth at the highest volume. In 2017, Kelly finally left her 15-year corporate experience to launch her own brand, Loud Blonde.

Kelly loves to work with driven, Type-A women who are tired of playing small and living life below their potential. Her high-performance coaching program moves women out of their comfort zones and into inspired action.

Rebecca Dekker

Rebecca L. Dekker, PhD, RN, is the author of Babies Are Not Pizzas: They’re Born, Not Delivered. Aside from being an amazing mother of three, Rebecca has built a strong reputation in maternal and infant health circles for her pioneering work as the founder of Evidence-Based Birth.®

The mission of EBB is to raise the quality of childbirth care globally, by putting accurate, evidence based research into the hands of families and communities, so they can make informed, empowered choices.

Margaret Meloni

Margaret Meloni is the author of Carpooling with Death: How Living with Death Will Make You Stronger, Wiser, and Fearless. She talks about why she decided to write a book about death. She gives valuable insights into talking about death and accepting the impermanence of life. Especially if you have someone going through a terminal illness, this book is a must-read!

Gerry Murphy

In Gerry Murphy’s book And You May Find Yourself: A Guided Practice to Never Fearing Death Again, he describes his medical trauma in great detail – being put in an ICU for five days, completely isolated, and using his love for music as the backdrop of his story.

The key concept behind his book is about practicing death so you can use his story as a way to evaluate your life right now and to challenge yourself with the big questions. So then you can shape your life in a way that really matters to you.

Lisa Linfield

Lisa Linfield is a Wealth Manager, sought after Keynote Speaker, Podcast Host of Working Women’s Wealth and Course Creator that partners with women around the world to change their mindset and help them make money, invest it, and protect it from life’s unexpected turns.

Mike Darcey

Mike Darcey is a man on a mission, maintaining the feeling that he is living life every day as if he is on his 2nd honeymoon. As an entrepreneur, coach, investor, parent, and volunteer he has successfully navigated tough relationships and has set his objective on discovering the secrets of outstanding marriages. He is the creator of www.lovelifecentral.com, a passionate community where like-minded people learn from each other the priorities, principles, and practices that make life great. Due to the tropical weather, Mike and his wife, Lisa, spend their time in shorts and T-shirts every day and live in a cozy home in Palolo Valley, on Oahu, minutes from the famous Waikiki Beach in Hawaii.

Avanti Kumar-Singh, MD

Dr. Avanti Kumar-Singh, is an Ayurveda Wellness Expert on a mission to show how Ayurveda is a health catalyst to achieve optimal wellness in modern life. After receiving her Bachelor's in Art History from the University of Chicago, she went on to receive her medical degree from Rush University Medical College. While working as an ER physician, she experienced first-hand the limitations of Western medicine. To learn more, Avanti began a 10-year wellness journey during which she studied energy healing and yoga therapy and became a practitioner of the 5,000-year-old ancient healing tradition known as Ayurveda. Today, Dr. Kumar-Singh bridges the gap between Western and Eastern medicine, helping patients, students, and holistic practitioners discover the healing wisdom within.