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019: Steve Sims – The Art of Making Things Happen

Don’t Be Easy to Understand, Be Impossible to Misunderstand Download to your computer Listen on Stitcher. Steve Sims is the author of Bluefishing: The Art of Making Things Happen. Today, he talks about the concept behind Bluefishing and utilizing different platforms (outside of email) of reaching out to people. He talks about the things he’s […]

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014: James Schramko – Work Less Make More Book

Download to your computer  Listen on Stitcher. James Schramko is an entrepreneur, speaker, coach, and writer. With an extensive background in sales, James took this into the the online world, doing business development for clients, until finally finding his passion in coaching people. James is the author of the book, Work Less, Make More. He […]

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013: Tal Gur – 100 Life Goals and 10 Years to Do It

Download this episode to your computer Listen on Stitcher. Tal Gur is a nomad and avid goal seeker. Around a decade ago, he made a decision to pursue every big dream to live life on his own terms. He wrote a bucket list of 100 life goals – from Ironman triathlon, to nonstop travel, to becoming […]

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011: Scott Stambach – Teacher Lands Book Deal for First Novel

Download this episode to your computer Scott is an unlikely fiction writer, he is a physics teacher who loves literature. He started writing short stories and quickly went to writing novels. His first book The Invisible Life of Ivan Isaenko was an award-winning breakout novel was published and he is working on his second. In this […]

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