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Art Cisneros on Neil Diamond, The Go Go’s, and Being a Rock Star Adjacent


In this captivating episode of Authors Who Lead, I sit down with Arturo Cisneros, a former concert tour manager with 25 years of experience and the author of the new book, The Rock Star Adjacent. Art shares the ups and downs of his remarkable journey, from being a rock star to writing about his personal experiences with honesty and vulnerability.

From Hotel Management to Rock Star Adjacent

Art Cisneros, a former concert tour manager, offers an inspiring narrative of transformation that began in his hometown, El Paso. Growing up with an innate love for entertainment, Art always held onto his dreamer mindset, a quality that guided him from the world of hotel management to the bustling, dynamic realm of the entertainment industry.

A chance encounter with a member of a Latin artist’s touring crew set Art on a path that was far from ordinary. Accepting the opportunity, he transitioned seamlessly from his role in hotel management to touring with renowned artists like Neil Diamond and The Go Go’s. This shift was not merely professional but a life’s calling, one that exposed him to diverse cultures, experiences, and the behind-the-scenes chaos of the entertainment world.

Navigating Vulnerability in Rock Stardom

Penning his personal journey in his book “The Rock Star Adjacent,” Art Cisneros did not shirk away from the vulnerabilities tied to his experience. One incident recollected on the podcast involved a fellow artist who became incredibly upset over minor issues, leading to the creation of a lighter, supposedly humorous ‘butter joke’ that became a hallmark of their tour. This incident symbolizes the fragility and unpredictability that shadow those in the entertainment industry.

However, the true vulnerability lay in confronting his own identity. Art’s journey to accept his sexuality wasn’t a straightforward path, especially writing openly about it. Coming to terms with his sexuality and discussing these in his book represents a daring openness. The positive feedback, such as appreciative notes commending his compelling honesty, assured Art that sharing his personal narrative connected deeply with readers.

Mentorship and Grounded Authenticity

It was not just serendipity but careful mentoring that ensured Art stayed grounded amidst the highs and lows of the touring industry. Early in his career, after impressing a potential employer with his assertiveness by declining an internship, Art was guided by three significant mentors. However, it was Patrick, his main mentor, who imparted the most critical lesson: to balance humility with success. Patrick’s wisdom—take the good, leave the bad, and always stay humble—resonated deeply with Art, shaping his approach over a 25-year career.

On tour with icons, amid an environment that flaunts opulence and fame, Art chose to stay true to his roots. He refrained from leveraging his connections for personal gain, focusing instead on a service-oriented ethos. This grounded authenticity helped him manage the dichotomy of being surrounded by stardom while not surrendering to its blinding lights.

Writing as a Transformational Journey

Writing “The Rock Star Adjacent” not only served as a career milestone but also acted as an avenue for healing and self-discovery for Art. Supported by a trusted network, he courageously dove into the transformative process of writing, addressing his fears, vulnerabilities, and triumphs. His father’s teachings about work ethics and responsibility echoed throughout his career and writing journey, reminding him of the importance of integrity in all endeavors.

Furthermore, Art shares how addressing his vulnerabilities and identity, especially in the context of his hometown audience, presented unique challenges. Preparing for his book signing, he contemplated discussing these deeply personal aspects, an exercise that perpetuated his ongoing transformation.

The Future of “Rock Star Adjacent”

Art’s authenticity isn’t solely bound to his written words. He plans to expand the reach of his book through diverse publicity channels, and potential speaking engagements with organizations and schools, and even envisages writing another book. His story, rooted in personal trials and triumphs, acts as an endorsement for seeking help and support in one’s own journey of writing.

Art Cisneros’ journey from El Paso to the echelons of concert tour management is a compelling narrative of dreams realized, vulnerabilities embraced, and authenticity retained. His story is a blueprint for aspiring authors and leaders, proving that one’s truth, when shared with honesty and courage, can inspire transformation not only within oneself but across a wider audience.

Art’s courage, guided by mentorship and a strong sense of self, stands as a testament to the power of vulnerability and the profound impact of staying grounded amidst life’s chaotic highs and lows.

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