310: Trust-Building Through Events | Sarah Fejfar

Sarah Fejfar’s Guide for Authors


In this episode of Authors Who Lead, I sit down with the incredible Sarah Fejfar to delve into leveraging live events to grow as an author. Sarah’s extensive experience in helping entrepreneurs produce profitable events provides a rich backdrop for a conversation filled with insights and actionable advice.

Understanding Financial Goals: The Foundation of Event Planning

One of the most profound insights shared by Sarah Fejfar in this episode is the importance of clearly understanding one’s financial goals before diving into event planning. Sarah emphasizes the need to “price the vision” before making any financial commitments. Understanding your financial goals helps ensure you’re investing wisely and not overspending on elements that don’t contribute directly to your overall objectives.

Having a clear financial goal keeps you grounded and provides a roadmap for navigating the intricate process of organizing an event. I underscore this by sharing his experiences of hosting events that, while not always revenue-focused, are invaluable for building trust and laying the groundwork for future business opportunities.

Creating an Unforgettable Event Experience

Sarah and I delve into the critical elements that make an event truly remarkable. From creating a welcoming atmosphere to paying attention to the smallest details like parking and restroom facilities, every aspect plays a significant role in shaping the attendee experience. Sarah advocates for organizers to stay true to themselves and their vision, even in the face of imposter syndrome.

Providing unique personal touches shows attendees that you care about their experience, which in turn builds a stronger connection and trust. I highlight the importance of a venue that aligns with the event’s purpose and message, further enhancing the authenticity and impact of the gathering.

Monetizing Events: Multiple Revenue Streams

The conversation takes on a practical dimension as Sarah discusses various ways to monetize events. It’s not just about ticket sales; potential revenue streams include sponsorships, merchandise, and follow-ups post-event. Understanding these different avenues can significantly enhance the profitability of your events.

I add another layer by suggesting that authors can leverage their books in public speaking engagements. By requiring book purchases for a lower speaking fee, authors capitalize on their written work while providing event planners with a tangible asset to offer attendees.

Building Trust Through In-Person Events

A theme that runs throughout the episode is the unparalleled power of in-person events in building trust and rapport. We emphasize the significance of nonverbal communication and personal interaction that simply cannot be replicated through virtual means. For authors, attending events provides a golden opportunity to offer their books as giveaways and valuable opt-ins, further broadening their audience.

Leveraging Speaking Engagements for Long-term Growth

As I point out, authors can capitalize on speaking engagements not just for immediate exposure, but for long-term audience growth. Requiring a book purchase in exchange for a lower speaking fee can be a game-changer. Additionally, using events to grow email lists is a strategic move, as books often have a much longer shelf-life and retention rate compared to business cards or other promotional materials.

Overcoming Doubts: The Journey to Writing

Sarah Fejfar’s personal journey exemplifies the internal struggles many aspiring authors face. She opens up about her hesitation to write a personal development book for entrepreneurs, feeling that she hasn’t achieved significant milestones yet. I offer sage advice: focus on your unique perspective and experiences, rather than waiting for the perfect moment or seeking validation from “gurus.”

Embracing Your Unique Voice

Sarah invites listeners to tune into her Greenroom Central podcast and connect with her on Instagram for more event-planning resources. I remind aspiring authors that the perfect moment to start writing never arrives. Instead, it is the act of writing and sharing your unique perspective that creates connections and adds value to the world.

Taking these insights to heart, authors can enhance their impact, monetize their events effectively, and grow both their audience and their confidence. Whether you’re planning your first event or looking to refine your strategy, the wisdom shared in this episode provides a thoughtful and practical guide for navigating the complex world of live events.

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That’s all for this week. If you have a message inside of you that needs to be written, today is the day to start. Don’t delay—take action.

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