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Get it Made, Understanding the Entrepreneurship of the Apparel Industry

“Why do you want your product to exist? If it’s going to hang next to another product that’s a competitor, why would somebody pick your product over that competitor? And if people can really answer that question and they approach it like a business, then I give their success rate a much higher percentage.” — Mindy Martell

Mindy Martell’s biggest passion in life has been helping apparel entrepreneurs navigate the industry. She has developed a curriculum and teaches others, and has now even written a book about it. And after seeing the need for it, she even built her own factory for making apparel in the United States.

In this episode of “Authors Who Lead,” I talk with Mindy Martell about her journey to learn and teach others about the apparel industry, why she owns her own factory, and how her book, “Get It Made, Build Your Clothing Line From Idea to Reality” is an extension of that passion.

The Why Behind a Factory

Over the years, Mindy traveled overseas for clients to help them produce their apparel lines. She found factories that either catered to entrepreneurs who were making thousands of units at a time or tailors who only created a few at a time. There was nothing in between. After an eye-opening trip spent inside one of those overseas mega factories and seeing how awful the workers were treated, she decided to open her own factory to address the needs of her clients without supporting the exploitation of workers.

Product Engineering

Mindy feels that the biggest mistake people make is believing they need to go to design school or learn to use a sewing machine in order to get their product line launched. In reality, going from an idea to having your clothing in stores is actually a product development process. You don’t need to be the expert, you just need to seek out the experts such as a product engineer in order to move forward.

Experts and Mentors

Just like creating a product, when you go to write a book, you should seek out mentors and experts to help you. Writing a book is not a solo journey. Mindy advises other leaders who want to write a book to enhance their business to hire help. It’s a process to go from an idea to a published book that will highlight and help build your business. As she worked with our publishing company, Mandala Tree Press, Mindy learned about the different types of editors needed, and all the layers of creating a book.

In this podcast, Mindy also shares with us:

  • How important it is to trust in your idea and not be intimidated by the industry; you can learn everything it takes to be successful.
  • That she is the only female apparel factory owner in the United States
  • That most factories are third-generation, male-owned businesses
  • That to succeed in the apparel industry, you need to treat your idea and journey like a business
  • How just like writing a book, a successful product must reflect your uniqueness

What was your biggest takeaway from this episode? What ideas do you have for a book or product? Are you confused about where to start? Share in the comments below!

That’s all for this week. If you have a message inside of you that needs to be written, today is the day to start. Don’t delay — take action.

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247: How to Write a Book to Enhance Your Business | Mindy Martell247: How to Write a Book to Enhance Your Business | Mindy Martell

Azul talks with Mindy Martell about her journey to teach others about the apparel industry, and how her book, Get It Made, is an extension of that passion.