197: “Writing a Book That Matters” with Azul Terronez

How to Know Your Book Idea Is the Right One?

“Letting out a book has more to do with thinking about your own lens than having a good book idea.” —Azul Terronez

What does it take to write a book that really matters? Do you think it’s a good idea? Is it your expertise and knowledge, or is it something else? I want to convince you today that books aren’t just words on a page.

I know that’s a strange concept, but hear me out. If books aren’t words, then what are they? They seem like words. You open the book and there are plenty of words in there. But what if books are simply ideas and messages meant for you, conversations that use words in a written form, or deeper ideas that we’re using words to express?

On this week’s episode of “Authors Who Lead,” I talk about this idea of books being more than words, what is missing from most books, and how to write a book that really matters.

Unique Message

One way to write a really great book is to write about something unique in the world that perhaps other people just stepped over. This could be the smallest idea possible that nobody is talking about, or at least not in a way you’re talking about it. You can tell when your unique idea is the right one if you help your reader take an idea, implement it, hold onto it, and even share it.

Unique Messenger

I always tell authors that they should be first transformed during their book journey. Then their books will be honest and impactful. It takes a lot of courage to put yourself on the page, especially when your uniqueness doesn’t necessarily mean what you’re successful at. Often it might be your flaws or the things that made you stumble. Sometimes your weaknesses can be your strengths. Once you find this uniqueness, it will help you resonate with different people in a way that makes them feel like they know you and can trust you.

My friend Jadah Sellner always says, “There are no unique messages, only unique messengers.” This is important because it really is more about what makes you great than what the idea is inside the book.


This honesty, this being vulnerable with yourself while on the writing journey, is what is missing in a lot of books. We aren’t made up of our highs and lows but in the distance between those two things. Discovering all the things that make you who you are, both good and bad, will have more value to people than just knowing your successes.

One of the biggest challenges I’ve had writing a book over the years has been my worry that maybe I won’t do as well as I thought I could, or that my vision for the book is bigger than I think I have the capacity to be able to do. And if I don’t do it well, then I’ll be embarrassed or it’ll get bad reviews.

But if I share my truth with the world, I know now that what will come back is honest relationships with readers who care and read more of my work because they trust me. Only you can share your message. You were put on this earth for a reason. And if you don’t share this book, no one else can. Even if they share the same topic, they still won’t share it like you will with your truth.

I hope you enjoyed this episode about writing a great book. What was your biggest takeaway from this episode? Are you hiding part of yourself because you’re afraid of not having the best idea or it not being liked? In the comments, share your biggest challenge to writing your book.

That’s all for this week. If you have a message inside you that needs to be written, know that you can write the book that’s been on your heart. Don’t delay—get out of your head, put words on the page today, and make a movement with your message!

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197: “Writing a Book That Matters” with Azul Terronez197: “Writing a Book That Matters” with Azul Terronez

Azul talks about this idea of books being more than words, what is missing from most books, and how to write a book that really matters.