191: “Does Writing a Second Book Help You Sell Your Other Titles?” with Linda P. Jones

How Cryptocurrency Is Changing the Landscape of Wealth Building

“It’s going to be a book that not only improves the credibility that I have because now I’m an author of two books but also brings more people in because they’re reading this book and they’re also going and getting my first book. So they’re buying both my books and they’re reading both and then they want to work with me.”  —Linda P. Jones

Have you ever wondered what wealthy people do that other people don’t? Most of us have said to ourselves at some point in our lives that we’d like to be rich. We seek better jobs or business opportunities and cast around for that next idea that will make us wealthy. While working on Wall Street, Linda P. Jones educated herself about online finances and ended up making over two million dollars by the time she turned 39. And now she teaches others how to build their own wealth.

On this week’s episode of “Author’s Who Lead,” I talk with Linda and we discuss her author journey, how she built her wealth, and how she uses new technologies to help other people learn to build their wealth.

Thinking Past the 9 to 5

Most people feel building wealth is too hard. We’ve been taught over the years we need to get steady jobs and work hard for our money. Linda was raised the same way and spent years on Wall Street working hard but not finding the opportunities she craved. Once she started researching online finances and entrepreneurship, she realized there was a whole online world where wealth could be created. She now shares that instead of working a 9 to 5 job you hate, you could turn your passions and interests into an online global business.


Linda explains that cryptocurrency is “simply a store value that can be used that is through your computer or through your phone.” Unlike the money system we have right now through the federal reserve, cryptocurrency can be deflationary because every time you use it a little bit gets destroyed. Linda stresses that this helps make its value stay strong.

In her book Three Steps to Quantum Wealth: The Wealth Heiress’ Guide to Financial Freedom by Investing in Cryptocurrencies, she talks about different cryptocurrencies that she has researched and knows the people behind them. Bitcoin makes her a bit nervous because no one really knows who created it. 

The amazing thing about cryptocurrency is that it is a way for most people to become venture capitalists where “you’re investing in a technology,” and they can do it fairly early on. Usually, venture capitalism is for the very wealthy, but with cryptocurrency, you can invest at a high compounding rate with little money. She urges that cryptocurrency is “not a scam. It’s not a Ponzi scheme; it’s not something illegal.” 

Three Steps to Quantum Wealth

According to Linda, quantum wealth is the “ability to maximize your wealth more quickly because of compounding rates.” So step one is creating a wealthy mindset, step two is finding a mentor, and step three is compounding your money at a high rate. These steps will build quantum wealth faster these days because of the technological revolution that we’re enjoying. Linda calls this time we’re in the “quantum age.” 

Why Is a Wealthy Mindset So Hard?

There are many things we let get in our way when it comes to a mindset over money. I asked Linda what she thought was the hardest thing for people to change about their mindset, and she said the noise that the media makes about cryptocurrency and wealth is the most disturbing. The media sends negative messages about cryptocurrency being illegal or a scam, but meanwhile, the wealthiest people in the world are making even more fortunes with it. This is one reason that Linda wanted to write her second book: to help dispel all the rumors and educate people about cryptocurrency and how it can increase their wealth.

First Steps to Invest in Cryptocurrency

After you’ve read Linda’s book, the next step she recommends is downloading apps since cryptocurrencies are purchased through special cryptocurrency apps. She urges people to make sure they use a fully vetted and reputable company like Coinbase, which went public on the stock exchange. Then, you can start investing with as little as ten dollars a week. It doesn’t have to be a large amount.

The Book Journey

Three Steps to Quantum Wealth wasn’t Linda’s first book. Her first book, You’re Already a Wealth Heiress! Now Think and Act Like One: 6 Practical Steps to Make It a Reality Now, gives a great foundation for building a wealthy mindset. I’ve read and benefited from both of her books, so I asked her why she decided to write her second book. 

Linda tells me that she wanted to write her second book because she had discovered the world of cryptocurrency. This took her original six steps to quantum wealth to three steps because of the high rates of compounding. This new financial technology is exciting for her, and she felt the need to tell others about it since right now is the perfect time to start this type of investing.

The technology also changes so fast, so she knew the traditional publishing route would not work since it usually takes about a year to get the book out. So, after talking to her publisher about it, she self-published the book.

New technologies such as cryptocurrencies are changing the online financial world. Compounding rates make it easier than ever for people to start investing without a lot of money at first. 

What was your biggest takeaway from this episode? Have you heard of cryptocurrency but didn’t quite know where to start investing in it? Are you writing a book that might not fit a traditional publisher like Linda’s book? Share in the comments below!

That’s all for this week. Your message is important, so take action today to write your book!

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