136: Stacy Tuschl – Why Being at the Top Can Be Dangerous

Secrets of a 7-Figure Business Woman

Stacy Tuschl is a best-selling author, speaker, and the owner of multiple 7-figure businesses. She’s the creator of the Foot Traffic Formula, where she helps small business owners get more customers in their door, more profit in their pockets, and more happiness in their homes. She believes that you shouldn’t be sacrificing your life for your business; your business should be supporting your life.

Her recent book is The Implementation Code, goes deeper to the core of why you can’t seem to get things done and gives actionable steps to move you through your to-do list so you can grow your business and live the life you want. The book underscores the power of implementation, where it separates those who have a to-do list and those who actually get things done. 

What We Discuss with Stacy Tuschl:

  • Not getting attached to the big picture
  • Why is an all-or-nothing attitude dangerous
  • How you can change things by reframing your language
  • Growing out of your circle and growing into your next circle
  • Why being at the top of anything can be dangerous
  • Challenges in writing her book and her book writing process

[02:48] Not Getting Attached to the Big Picture

Getting too attached to the big picture can paralyze you from even trying or you start to try but you don’t get there. Then you get upset, throw a pity party, and complain you’re not getting the results everybody else is getting.

You need to give yourself grace more. Don’t set massive goals only to destroy your week because you’re not hitting them.  Celebrate even when you don’t hit them and reward yourself for the journey. 

[04:59] Why is an All-or-Nothing Attitude Dangerous

It’s rare that we have all the time in the world to do all the things we want to do so then we just don’t do any of them. Instead of creating 365-day goals, break your year down by having those 90-day goals. Building your vision around that gives you a different sense of urgency. 

What can you do in the next 90 days to get there? Just try it and see how it works for you. See if you notice any difference.

You can have 12 quarterly goals, but you have people on your team that can own those goals as well, not just you. 

[10:05] Changing Things by Reframing Your Language and Mindset

Don’t use the time excuse because you’re just training your brain to believe this. Always come from a place of abundance, not scarcity. Instead, replace the idea of scarcity with opportunity. 

Your brain is not meant to store information. It’s meant to process it. The challenge for people is letting go of the stuff they’re holding on to so much so they can process and move on. 

Make to-do lists, otherwise, the chances of remembering something later on that day are very slim because you’ve got so much stuff stored in your brain. 

Get yourself a system that works – whether that’s an app on your phone or text yourself messages – that you can always just get back to any time. 

[16:28] Growing Out of Your Circle and Growing into Your Next Circle

Just be committed to growing, learning, figuring things out, and just doing it. And this is where being resourceful comes in. 

When growing into your next circle, first, think about who you want to be. Then ask yourself who are you hanging out with? Are they helping you become the person you want to be? You don’t have to make any big announcements that you’re no longer hanging out with certain people. Just do lessen the frequency you’re handing around those who are not helping you be who you want to be. 

The people you surround yourself with are major. 

Be authentic. Start putting time and energy into making new connections and relationships. Podcasts are a great way to meet people to talk to somebody for 30-45 minutes and develop a much deeper relationship versus a DM on Instagram. Join a mastermind or show up at conferences to expand your network.

[26:26] Why Being at The Top of Anything Can Be Dangerous

A lot of us naturally like to be in charge or like to be the boss. So when you’re in a group, and you’re at the top, and everybody’s asking you how you did it, your ego loves it. Wanting to be at the bottom is not a natural instinct.

The danger is when you’ve got nobody to see that bigger picture when you’re at the top and you don’t know what’s next. It’s going to take even more brainpower from you to have to figure that out. 

Get out of your bubble every once in a while and remember what’s going on outside of the little corner where you live.

[32:35] Her Book Writing Process

Stacy took her mornings for writing because it was the best time for her. And she committed to writing at least an hour every morning. She also got some help from an editor with her deadlines which helped her a lot.

If you don’t have somebody to help you hold yourself accountable and you’re going to write a book, it may take you a few years.

Don’t think that being a writer is the words on the page. But being an author means you’re owning this message. And that’s what’s most important because books are really the message you want to share with someone when you can’t be in the room with them.

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136: Stacy Tuschl – Why Being at the Top Can Be Dangerous136: Stacy Tuschl – Why Being at the Top Can Be Dangerous

136: Stacy Tuschl – Why Being at the Top Can Be Dangerous