129: Leticia Ramos – What Happens When a Teacher Finds Her Core

Writing a Book That Will Change Your Life

Leticia Ramos is an elementary school teacher who is passionate about working with students and creating extraordinary learning opportunities for students. With over 20 years of experience working in education, Lety has spent the last 10 years working with educational leaders in developing leadership training for children and teens.

Her new book The Core of Teaching talks about how everyone can create epic opportunities for not just learning, but to really empower people.

One of her newest TEACHER-preneur projects involves launching her new podcast, The Core of Teaching where she invites all leaders who feel called to share their stories about being inspired to teach and why teaching is SOULfullfilling. 

Leticia is committed to increasing student success and providing support to educators around the world in understanding who they are as teachers and why they love teaching. 

What We Discuss with Leticia Ramos :

  • Why she decided to write a book
  • Challenges during the writing process
  • Advice to aspiring writers
  • How do you know you’re ready to write a book?
  • A look into her book, The Core of Teaching
  • A message to teachers

[01:52] Why Lety Decided to Write a Book

The heart of a teacher is filled with so many things – smiles, giggles, comments, hugs, etc. The things you see in a classroom is just one thing, the things you see outside is another. But the things you hear from a student, it’s a whole new world. 

As educators, you’re constantly reminding students to live up to their potential to do their best to remember that no dream is ever too small to chase. 

It wasn’t until one of her students who, since she kept telling her students to always write and do better, asked her where’s her book?

[06:55] Challenges During the Writing Process

It’s making that commitment, and even taking those small action steps to get you ahead every single day. But Leticia was determined to do the absolute best every day. 

She kept a log and she would track the words she would write every day, even if it was written in a notebook. There’s just something tangible about having that in front of you and being able to hold it.

Leticia also had to practice the art of patience and had to untrain herself from the habits embedded in her. She developed a new writing style and new habits to develop this trait of becoming a published author.

[11:30] Advice to Aspiring Writers

Your words, can not only empower another individual, not only teach another individual, something new. But also, you can open yourself to an opportunity to create something huge in the world and impact not just one life, but many. 

We all have something very important to contribute to this world. 

What this world needs right now is to connect with leaders that are going to support our thinking, support our ability to do better in life, and connect with one another into something greater for this world.

Almost nobody will probably ever think they are ready. But it starts with one person. It’s about changing the lives of people – one life at a time, one teacher at a time. 

[14:22] A Look into Her Book, The Core of Teaching

The book explains the relationships Lety has developed along the way – as a teacher, and even as a student. She talked about all of those experiences in education that have really impacted her life. Those experiences have helped her become a different woman, a different teacher, a different wife, and a different individual in this world. 

Through teaching, she has been able to discover new things about herself and new abilities to teach from a different platform. She developed a passion for personal development, for educational leadership where she began to grow a business in that field. 

Her book talks about how there are so many individuals out in this world today that can be that amazing teacher and that can create epic opportunities for not just learning, but to really empower people.

[16:57] A Messenger to Teachers

Be patient with yourself and give yourself grace. If you’re constantly looking for new ways, to make your teaching practices better, then you’re doing the right thing. You have your whole heart in it. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for support. Just ride the wave and something good will come out of this. Try to look for the positive. If you can find one positive thing in your day, you’re going to feel a lot better about yourself.

There is something about a child that is a leader inside of them. 

Continue to remind students to move forward with that idea and put that idea into action and execute. So they can get closer to achieving the goal, overcoming their fears, and accomplishing their dreams.

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129: Leticia Ramos – What Happens When a Teacher Finds Her Core129: Leticia Ramos – What Happens When a Teacher Finds Her Core

129: Leticia Ramos – What Happens When a Teacher Finds Her Core