127: Mike Darcey – How to Write Your First Book

Writing and Creating Your Ideal Life

Mike Darcey is a man on a mission, maintaining the feeling that he is living life every day as if he is on his 2nd honeymoon. As an entrepreneur, coach, investor, parent, and volunteer, he has successfully navigated tough relationships and has set his objective on discovering the secrets of outstanding marriages. 

Mike is the creator of Love Life Central, a passionate community where like-minded people learn from each other the priorities, principles, and practices that make life great. 

What We Discuss with Mike Darcey:

  • The idea of writing a book
  • Why he picked Adventure Together
  • Travel as a tool for improving relationships
  • Travel Styles: The different ways to get to know your mate, planning, and preparing for travel
  • His book writing processes for both books
  • Mike’s Facebook Community: From Divorce and Separation to Marriage Mastery
  • Marketing the book
  • Other amazing things Mike does: a testament to just do it!

[01:48] The idea of writing a book

Mike’s first marriage ended pretty poorly. Eventually, he got into a relationship with a wonderful woman. At that point, he promised himself that they weren’t going to do it that way again. From there, he jumped into doing a lot more personal development.

Mike was compiling pieces of information that he learned along his journey through personal development. The spark of a book came to mind, but it wasn’t for anybody else. It was really for their little family. Their friends were so delighted by the fact that their lives got so much better because of their relationship. And so, they were asking for the same kind of advice. 

Some people are just existing in their relationships, but not really flourishing.

[07:34] Travel as a tool for improving relationships

A trip is never exactly what you plan. You get there and conditions change. Flights get canceled. All kinds of things happen to you that add more stress. And if your relationship is already stressed, you need to be prepared for that stuff. You need to be able to address it on the spot. 

Travel is a good tool to fix relationships. But you have to plan for it and go in with the right mindset.

Getting to know your mate is something that should happen much earlier than you actually buying a plane ticket. What are they comfortable with? The main goal of taking a vacation is to have a good time and be comfortable and relax. 

But a lot of people give up at this point considering you’ve gone through a lot of pain to get there. And so a lot of the folks that have gone through a divorce have already given up and have that kind of mentality. Alternatively, you also learn so much from the pain. You now know exactly what you want and exactly what you don’t want. And that goes with traveling too. The more you travel, the better you get at it. 

[14:31] His Book Writing Process

In writing his first book, Mike was uncomfortable telling his own personal story on paper so it made the process all the more difficult.

Mike enjoyed writing the second book more than the first one. And that’s because having written a book already, he knew what was going to happen. It wasn’t a surprise every step of the way. And it flowed significantly easier. 

To other aspiring authors, start writing out your story. Then there are people in the process that can help you along the way. So just start working on the content and the idea of what you want to say, and just start writing. It’s simple as that.

[20:32] Mike’s Facebook Community: From Divorce and Separation to Marriage Mastery

The more Mike works with people on getting their relationship better, the smarter he gets about it to serve his own relationship. Mike found that he’s attracting the people who are in trouble. A lot of them are emotionally overwhelmed. So some pretty simple basic things will help them a great deal. Apparently, they just need somebody to tell them to do it. 

[22:05] Marketing the Book

Knowing how to market yourself is really difficult. So if you’re out there trying to figure out how to do it, get help.

Marketing is your ability to serve the right people at the right time. 

If you only try to sell to them when you have something to sell, and instead of serving them when you have plenty to serve, then they’re going to smell you. We’re all turned off by salesmen.

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