124: Gay Hendricks – How To Be Incredibly Lucky

8 Secrets to Change Your Fortune

Gay Hendricks has been a leader in the fields of relationship transformation and body-mind transformation for more than 45 years. Gay has written more than 40 books. His latest book, Conscious Luck, reveals eight ways to change your fortunes through the power of intention. 

His bestsellers include Five Wishes, The Big Leap, Conscious Loving, and Conscious Loving Ever After, (the last two co-authored with his co-author and wife, Dr. Kathlyn Hendricks). Gay is also a mystery novelist, with a series of five books featuring the Tibetan-Buddhist private detective, Tenzing Norbu, as well as a new mystery series featuring a Victorian-era London detective, Sir Errol Hyde. 

After earning his Ph.D. from  Stanford in 1974, Gay served as Professor of Counseling Psychology at the University of Colorado for 21 years. Gay has appeared on more than 500 radio and television shows, including Oprah, CNN, CNBC, 48 HOURS, and others.

What We Discuss with Gay Hendricks:

  • How he’s able to write books about the inner knowing
  • Do people miss their zone of genius?
  • Gay’s book writing process
  • The definition of luck and what luck isn’t
  • Why people perceive luck in one way or another
  • The transformation that happens with shame
  • The 3 stages of manifestation
  • The $20,000-homework that could change your life!

[02:15] Writing About Self-Discovery Books

One of the big principles in The Big Leap is opening up to your natural genius found inside, which Gay calls the genius spiral. And once you open up to that, it carries you into life in a different way. It carries you into places that bring forth your genius more.

Gay’s initial intention was to start with something fundamentally true for himself that he just got to share it. And this is where all his books have come from. 

Even as a mystery novelist, Gay got interested in such genre ten years ago, for his entertainment. Not having found a good mystery novel that he liked, he decided to invent one for himself. Now, he’s on his second series, which is his current passion.

[06:55] How People Miss Their Zone of Genius

No matter what culture, there are people who don’t see their genius spiral. As Albert Einstein once said, everybody is a genius. But we start teaching dogs to climb trees and cats to chase mailmen. We get lost in training people and overlooking their true genius.

The very things that cause us pain are the vehicle to ride our genius through. We all carry a spiritual center within us. Once we discover that, we have the power to transform our lives.

Gay’s books are geared towards reminding readers of what they already know and feel deep inside. 

[13:20] Gay’s Book Writing Process

When Gay is conceptualizing a book, he goes into a bookstore and stands in the section where the book will be sold. Then he puts himself in the person’s place who’s in there looking around. He imagines what the person is feeling and what the person wants and needs. He thinks about that avatar to help him get his voice on the line. Once he gets the voice of a particular book, the book almost writes itself. 

For instance, The Big Leap is written for the coaching community who wanted to have a map to help them get into people’s hearts and souls. Additionally, he’s also looking to target a person who’s not been coached but is interested in how to transform their life and moving to the next level.

We are very large and contain multitudes of things within us. Our job is to open up to those things, own them, and turn them into our creative process.

It’s all about a continuous process of expansion in the self. The author has to keep opening up to new dimensions in themselves. 

[19:09] Writing Conscious Luck

Co-written with Carol Klein, Gay wrote the first half of the book while Carol offered to write the second half that included all the processes, exercises, and activities are and interviews

Conscious luck means arranging for good things to happen at all times by being in the right place at the right time.

Luck is not about winning the lottery or a 12-volt lightning strike, or something you’re born with. And what Carol and Gay discovered through researching eight different ways that people have made themselves luckier is that luck is more like a wind that’s always blowing, and if you can adjust the wings and sails to it, you can get to places that you never imagined in a much less effortful way by learning to ride the currents.

[29:50] The Transformation That Happens with Shame

Shame is a different sort of emotion than some of the other common ones. If you ask people, where do you feel fear in your body, most people will point to their belly or their solar plexus where they feel butterflies in the stomach. 

Our more common feelings have body locations that make them easier to find. But shame is often more diffused. But when you ask people where they feel their shame, it takes a while for them to locate it.

Be willing to feel anything like fear, anger, sadness, shame – whatever it is, feel it, and then rededicate it as an attractor field for love and luck. Make it about attracting love and luck. 

[37:00] The 3 Stages of Manifestation

Your ability to create conscious luck in your life is very similar to the kind of opening. Manifestation occurs in three levels. 

1. The Newtonian Stage

Newton’s idea is that for every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction. This is the moment you create a new positive thought about anything. It creates luck because you admit a new positive thought into something that’s been in the grip of a limiting belief. 

2. The Einsteinian Phase

The task is to open up to the barriers and learn to love the barriers. Learn to love the questions themselves rather than pursuing the answers. In this phase, you’re learning to love the unlovable in yourself and your character because even the most unlovable character needs to be presented with love.

3. The Conscious Luck or the Quantum Phase 

You follow energies around that allow you to be in the right place at the right time. We steer through the world by making adjustments.

[42:39] Advice to Aspiring Writers

Down in each of us all, we have the urge to grow and assist the growth of other people. Along the way, that often gets distorted because sometimes something happens that puts a crimp in our ability to be there for ourselves or be there for other people. And that has to be moved through, worked through, opened up to, and clarified so that you can be free of that. 

Go in a room by yourself where you’re not going to be disturbed for 10 minutes, and ask yourself this wonder question: “What do I love to do more than anything else?”

Then meditate on that. Circulate it through your mind and breathe with it. Live in that question for 10 minutes because that’s the key to everything. Find out what you love to do the most then learn how to do your work from that space.

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124: Gay Hendricks – How To Be Incredibly Lucky124: Gay Hendricks – How To Be Incredibly Lucky

124: Gay Hendricks – How To Be Incredibly Lucky