034: Davide Di Giorgio On Being UNapologetic

How to Be Successful Being Who You Already Are

Davide Di Giorgio is an author, professional keynote speaker, TEDx speaker coach, and leadership coach. His book, Being UNapologetic: Empowering You to Become an Influential Speaker and Visionary Leader, hit #1 on Amazon in 8 countries and #2 in 2 other countries and has received high praise from book lovers worldwide.

Originally from Toronto, Davide now lives in his dream city, San Diego, with his dream husband Heath, and their dog, Galileo.

On this podcast, learn why Davide transitioned from education to the coaching space, the miracle he witnessed from uncovering his truth, and the power of sharing who you really are. 

What We Discuss with Davide Di Giorgio:

  • Being an educator was his Plan B and why he decided to leave the such a profession
  • Pushing the barriers: what prompted him to go down the unconventional route
  • Going through the process of “uncovering” his truth and becoming the solution
  • Writing the book and leaving your mission to other people
  • How he landed the coaching space
  • Why speaking is an egocentric activity and how having a coach can help
  • How the idea of writing a book got conceived and his book writing process
  • Why the book is a very, very powerful tool you can use for your business
  • The epiphany moment Davide discovered the power of showing who you are
  • Why the book is worthy of conversation!

[01:02] Leaving a Career in Education

Davide has been an educator, teacher, and coach his entire life — starting as a musical director, composer, until being Head of the Music Department. However, he felt the system was limiting. He wanted to impact the world in a different way.

Having always been an uncoventional person, fitting into a conventional system was not who he really was. However, he did so many unconventional things as a teacher.

Although he loved teaching, it was only his Plan B. Ultimately, he left his career and officially retired.

[09:35] Uncovering the Truth

Davide was holding guilt for being gay since he grew up as a Catholic in a small town. Finally, Davide decided he could no longer pretend.

In life, we leave clues about who we are, what we’re passionate about, and what we’re good at. Yet, we continue to look for it somewhere else.

He had to find who he was, uncover that truth, and slowly become more of himself in order to get closer to what he really wants to do and who he wants to be.

Davide initially moved to the Arctic and became depressed. Learn the conversation he had with Toby, the dog. Overnight, he realized he was the solution to his problem – he just had to be himself – then the floodgates started to open!

All the good things started to happen just because he decided to finally be himself.

[16:28] Into the Spotlight: A Beautiful Friend Who Declared to Be Unquiet

In his book, he wrote a story about his friend whom he had to pursue and who is currently battling brain cancer.

His takeaway: When you write a book, you leave your heart, message, your miracle, your mission — for other people.

[19:30] A Calling to Coaching Speakers

He remembers seeing successful people on stage who were terrible. He knew he had to help them as they had such beautiful missions, values, and visions to bring to the world.

Davide started speaking since he was in third grade. The only difference now is that he has a very clear vision and mission. In other words, he has now become intentional.

Speaking can be an egocentric activity that speakers think they don’t need any help. But bringing in a coach can be a HUGE help!

[24:40] A Journey to Abundance

Initially making a $250-speaking engagement, Davide decided to invest in a $10,000-coaching experience on December 3. This was before he had any legal way to make money in the U.S.

Four days after, he got his residency in the U.S. After three months, he made over $20,000 from clients.

Months later, he got hired to be the speaker coach for TEDx Cardiff by the Sea and got more and more opportunities.

He realized that not only can he get clients, but also results for his clients.

[27:55] The Power of Writing a Book

Having always wanted to write a book, Davide hired a coach and mentor to help him. Without any idea what the book was going to be, he simply celebrated the process.

When the book came out, he found more opportunities coming his way. What he actually did was take his mission, thoughts, and message and put it in a book form.

The fact you’ve accomplished it, people look at you differently. Davide believes the book is a very powerful tool.

81% of the Americans want to write a book but only 3% do actually write a manuscript. And only 30% of that 3% actually ever get published!

[35:30] Overcoming His Fears and the Power of Sharing Who You Are

Davide continues to question whether he was good enough. And writing his book was painful in the sense that it was a very personal one.

Being unapologetic, he had to be open with his life, his story, and what he believes. And he spent most of his life not saying what he believes.

The thought of revealing any of these stories or what he thinks about anything was very scary for him.

When you become who you are and you share what you believe, you are a leader, an influencer, a visionary — and people pay attention.

People who share what they believe — whether we like it or not — make a difference!

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034: Davide Di Giorgio On Being UNapologetic034: Davide Di Giorgio On Being UNapologetic

034: Davide Di Giorgio On Being UNapologetic