032: Ricky Shetty – Daddy Blogger Writes While Traveling The World with His Family

Finding Your Audience

Ricky Shetty is the genius behind Daddy Blogger. He’s been a writer, a father, and a fellow nomadic traveler for a year and a half now. Ricky talks about depression and why men should talk about it too. He also discusses his book-writing journey and how Daddy Blogger started. Ricky has a very interesting book project, writing seven books about seven continents in seven months!

What We Discuss with Ricky Shetty:

  • Ricky’s nomadic lifestyle while fathering and writing his book
  • Dealing with depression: men vs women
  • About the Daddy Blogger
  • Family travel is possible even if you’ve got kids or got a mortgage.
  • Why travel is the best possible education for your kids
  • Writing his first book – from interviews to blogs to a book
  • An interesting book project of 7 books about 7 continents in 7 months
  • Ricky shares some tips and tricks when traveling in South America.
  • Ricky talks about his writing process for kid’s books
  • Why you need to think like a marketer when writing your book
  • How to launch your book strategically using the power of leverage and influence
  • The power of public accountability and personal space

[01:15] The Nomadic Lifestyle

Ricky has been living a nomadic lifestyle since December 6, 2016.

Originally from Vancouver, BC, Ricky expressed his discontent in the pacific northwest due primarily to the gloomy weather.

Depressed and discontent, Ricky opened up the idea of traveling to his wife, who was also open to it.

A year and a half later, they’re all happy and still nomadic!

[04:32] Crashing the Stigma Around Depression

Are you also feeling alone? Well, you’re not. We all go through ups and down. But taking action is the biggest remedy even if you’re uncertain whether it works or not.

Depression is a global phenomenon that dads face. It’s easier for women to talk about depression and look for solutions. But men prefer to just deal with it themselves, which can be more destructive and more devastating.

You have to be open and vulnerable so that other men know they’re not alone.

[05:45] The Daddy Blogger

The blog started on December 1, 2012. The blog has now taken its global direction, talking about fatherhood, marriage, work-life balance, and family travel.

He seeks to inspire families to travel and that it is possible to travel even when you have kids or a mortgage.

A lot of people use kids an excuse not to travel, but they’re actually the best reason to travel! You want to show them the best possible education and that’s through travel.

[09:15] Ricky’s Book Writing Journey

Ricky’s first book was about fatherhood – turning interviews into blog posts and then into a book.

Seeing there aren’t enough books about family travel, he decided to write his second book. This is also his way for his kids to remember their family travels.

An interesting book project: Ricky talks about his 7 books about 7 continents in 7 months!

Ricky shares some tips and tricks when traveling in South America – buses are cool!

For Ricky, the actual research is what’s taking more time to write the book, especially that he talks about geography.

[20:55] Think Like a Marketer!

Most writers think like writers and just of the written book, instead of thinking of the book in terms of the marketing potential.

When you write a book, everything should be marketing driven in terms of the title, cover, back copy, actual content, etc.

You’re not writing the book for you but for the reader. So why would the reader buy your book?

Think like a marketer even before the actual marketing process.

Ricky launched his book strategically by leveraging his connection with his church and the father’s day event.

[25:10] Book Publishing

Ricky encourages to publish in print and digital form. There’s a lot of power in publishing a physical copy of your book.

Ricky published his books on Kindle and Amazon. He makes sure it’s syndicated across all Amazon sites and locations. He also has a PDF version of the book.

[26:55] Public Accountability and Personal Space

Make it public. Ricky credits public accountability for the success of his books, a good way to avoid procrastination. He put it on social media that he’s launching his first kid’s book on father’s day – before he even started writing it. This forced him to walk in integrity. He was initially guilty of procrastination for sure – but he did it anyway.

Get away from your usual environment. Set aside a certain time and place for book writing only in order to force yourself to do it. Or do it where you’d feel inspired and where there are no distractions. Ricky traveled alone (to the northern part of the Philippines) and locked himself up in the hotel room, just focused on getting his book done.

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032: Ricky Shetty - Daddy Blogger Writes While Traveling The World with His Family032: Ricky Shetty - Daddy Blogger Writes While Traveling The World with His Family

032: Ricky Shetty - Daddy Blogger Writes While Traveling The World with His Family