009: Dominic Carrillo – How to Write a Book While Working Full-Time

You Can Make More Money by Writing More Books

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Dominic Carrillo is a teacher who I met while living and working in San Diego, California. He when I first met him he told me he was working on a book and he was thinking about self-publishing. I was fascinated and he was the only friend I had at the time that had done so successfully.

He has since published 4 books and his most recent book The Usual Suspects, is a Young Adult novel set in Sofia, Bulgaria, where he teaches. He often gets his inspiration from inside of the classroom. Though he still teaches full time in an international school he still makes time to write daily.

His stories have been published in a variety of print and online magazines, and he’s a regular contributor to San Diego Reader magazine.

Dominic has written a travel memoir, Americano Abroad, a literary novel To Be Frank Diego, and two young adult (YA) novels: The Improbable Rise of Paco Jones and The Unusual Suspects (2018). Because Dominic’s novels are used in some classrooms, he occasionally speaks at libraries, schools, and education

He is a great guest and his way of looking at writing and how we can write books even if we work full-time jobs is really helpful.


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